Quote I love: Grey’s Anatomy, when a priest shows up

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy over the weekend (yeah, I DVR all the TV I watch and I’m usually a week, or two, or three behind) and this line seemed to hit it big at my house. Rosie and I loved it.

“You can’t pray away the gay!”

Callie on Grey’s when her dad brings a priest to counsel her about being a lesbian.

I have been fortunate to have a loving, supportive family. My mom’s not out marching in any PFLAG parades, but she loves me and has told me she wants me to be happy. And most importantly to me, she loves Rosie. My heart goes out to all the real life people like Callie who not only have to live with the knowledge that their parents think there is something wrong with them, but also have to live with these types of attacks aimed at changing who they are — suggesting they’re not good enough.

That’s also a huge theme in my book More. Luke’s father wants his son to be a different man, and he’ll do anything to force Luke to behave the way he wants him to. But Luke doesn’t let his father’s hatred destroy him. He doesn’t deny who he is (not for his dad or anyone), but he does grow and become someone who can fall in love again. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m quite proud of his journey.

Anyone else watch Grey’s? Anyone have a personal story to share? Comment or send me an email.

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Sloan Parker