What a year!

Sorry this post won’t be all that interesting or funny or important to anyone really but me, but it’s a day for saying thanks here in the US. It was important for me to say this.

With everything going on today — cooking, cleaning, setting up tables and chairs, and doing so many dishes for my mom that my hands will pretty much be in soapy water all day long — it’s easy to put off thinking about what it is we are truly thankful for. So before we head off to my folks, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this past year and all the wonderful people and things in my life I am grateful for. It’s not a complete list, but it’s who and what have made this year one of the best of my life.

  1. My immediate family. For me that’s Rosie, my partner, and our three cats. They love me even when I’m an ass. Even when I’m crazy. Even when I get sucked into my world of fictional people and places and forget to get off my damn ass and live a little. Thanks, Rosie, for pulling me out of the chair once in a while. Thanks for always loving and supporting me. Thanks for giving me an unending supply of passion to put into my work. Thanks for making me laugh every single day. And thanks to the three little felines who are more entertaining than a little TV any day.
  2. The rest of my family. Especially my mom and dad who are proud of me for my first book contract. Even though they will never read a single word of it, they give their unending support every day, and I love them for that. And sorry, Dad, that I can’t seem to write a book where, as you say, “I leave the sex up to the reader’s imagination” so that you can feel comfortable reading it. Thanks to both of you for loving me, not in spite of who I am, but because of it.
  3. All my new friends in RWA. I was hesitant to join the national organization and local chapter, but you have all made it a wonderful experience for me.
  4. My publisher (Loose Id) and editor (Antonia). Thanks for taking a chance on an unknown. Thanks for believing in More. And thanks for helping me make it better.
  5. Luke, Richard, and Matthew and the muse that helped me find them. I’ve worked at my writing since I was in the second grade when I wrote my first book and entered a local competition. It hasn’t always been an easy path, but there’s something about me that makes me a storyteller. I’m grateful for that. It’s been one hell of a ride so far.

Happy day to everyone!
Sloan Parker

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