Character Pics for a New m/m Erotic Romance

This week I took a short break from my regular writing to work on character sketches for my new friends-to-lovers story about two best friends since high school, Evan and Kyle. It’s a contemporary m/m erotic romance, and at this time I have no plans for a suspense element. There’s no title yet, but the outline is pretty much done. I also started the first draft of chapter one (just to get all the ideas down).

Here are the photos I’m using for inspiration (not that the character descriptions will be exactly like this, but it gives me an idea to work from).


(c) istockphoto, Yuri, 2009


(c) istockphoto, kupicoo, 2010

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Next I’m going back to working on Walter’s story, but will work on this one as any new ideas come to me.

Have a good weekend,

5 thoughts on “Character Pics for a New m/m Erotic Romance

  1. Ok Sloan! You needed to include a warning up with those pictures! I am sure you KNOW what I think of those boys. I can hardly contain myself! Oh my heart! My heart! It’s beating out of control! UM UM GOOD!

  2. Arlene: Glad you liked the boys. Maybe you should have a seat or a glass of water. Or a cold shower, perhaps. LOL

    Hi Deanna. I sort of pictured your Kyle differently. Isn’t that funny how we “see” things a bit different even when reading the same description?

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