Quote I Love: Finding Harbor

Occasionally for my quote of the week I share one of my favorite lines or moments from the work of another author of m/m romances. This week’s quote is from Death of a Pirate King by Josh Lanyon. It’s the fourth book in the Adrien English Mystery series.

This is from somewhat of a reunion scene between Jake and Adrien. (I must like those reunion moments. I know I’ve quoted at least one before.)

“And for once I had nothing to say. Jake’s mouth found mine, his lips molding hot and soft to my own. His tongue tentatively tested the seal of my lips; I parted them and he pushed inside. It was startlingly sweet and achingly familiar, like finding harbor. Like I had been waiting decades for this, traveling leagues, Odysseus sailing at long last into the blue crystal waters of Ithaca—and never considering the trouble ahead.

I lifted my lashes and met Jake’s tawny stare. Another switch flipped, and with something like shock I felt my cock rising as I finally turned back on.”

From Death of a Pirate King by Josh Lanyon

Check out Josh Lanyon’s website to read more about this book and his other works.

2 thoughts on “Quote I Love: Finding Harbor

  1. Awesome. Simply awesome, so much feeling conveyed in that short little scene isn’t there?

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