Figured out one of the ways I can write faster & an update

So I have this cat. He’s clingy and smart and determined when he wants something his way. He likes to sit in the same room with me, most of the time on my lap if he can. But he also likes to lay his front legs over my wrist, and it really starts to hurt trying to type that way. I also make more typos. Usually it goes like this…He puts his paws on my arm, I make him move, and he moves right back. Over and over. I hate the idea of locking him out of the room because he just cries and pounds on the door. Plus he’s getting older, and I know that later I’d be sad not having had all this time together. Well, I came up with a solution. I have some extra space on my desk. I pushed the monitor back and made room for his bed. Check it out…

(c) Sloan Parker, 2011

I can pet him. He can sleep. He can stare at me like he likes to do. Most importantly, I can write. We are all happy. Of course once he got himself situated, he was sort of hanging off the end of the desk. I’m a little scared he’s going to fall on the keyboard and erase all my work, then hit save before I can stop him. And now that I’m writing this post, he’s back on my lap. Dude! In other (I’m sure more exciting) news, I finished the first draft of Walter’s story! I’m now in revising/editing mode and will be doing that for a while as I have two novel-length books to finish. Off to edit… Have a great weekend. Sloan

6 thoughts on “Figured out one of the ways I can write faster & an update

  1. Hahahaha. We all should have your problems. He looks like a very nice boy, and I can totally empathize. I have a jolly male feline companion who’d like nothing better than to spend his entire life in my lap, only he’s so enormous it’s really not a comfortable experience for either one of us. So he usually ends up on the couch behind me peering over my shoulder while I write, with a paw on my shoulder. Or at my feet on the other end of the couch.
    Happy writing you two! Now I’ll get back to mine.

  2. The cat bed on the desk is a great idea! But I have the added trouble of my cat meowing everytime I get on the phone with clients. I guess I need a sound proof bubble as well! :)

    Also, my cat is 15 years old too and everytime I throw him out of the room he gives a look that says “I’m going to die one day and you’re going to feel really guilty for all these times you’ve rejected me.”

    Cats are the #1 drain on our economy!

  3. Those possessive boy kitties. A friend of mine describes Chaos as that stalker ex-boyfriend… who lives with me.

    I sit on the couch with my laptop. He likes to curl up next to me. Sometimes he’d prefer to be on my lap, and there’s not space for the laptop and him. I need to find a lapdesk with a BIT longer legs so that will work…

  4. @Phoenix: LOL! Sounds like yours is reading over your shoulder. Maybe he’s really into m/m romance. :) Good luck with the writing!

    @Jambrea: Thanks! Poor Walter…having to wait so long.

  5. @Diane: Oh man, meowing while you’re on the phone with clients is worse. LOL @ the look he gives you, though. They are too smart for their own good sometimes. I have another one that will sit and stare at me for hours. It’s like she’s trying to catch a mouse since she knows I’m the one with the food.

    @Chris: “stalker ex-boyfriend” I LOVE it!! You are lucky he sits next to you. Mine tries to be ON the laptop when I’m sitting on the couch. He usually ends up hitting some keys before I can move him. I just know someday he is going to tweet something embarrassing.

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