Sloan Parker’s 2nd Annual Happy Holidays Giveaway

As a thank-you to my readers and all readers of the romance genre, I’m holding a giveaway for free gift certificates (winners’ choice between Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks).

Here’s how the giveaway works:

One random winner will be selected from all who comment on this post. Additionally, for every 50 entries another gift certificate will be given away (up to a maximum of 6 total winners). All winners will have their choice from the following options:

  • Option 1: $25 gift certificate to
  • Option 2: $25 gift certificate to
  • Option 3: $25 gift certificate to

Rules and instructions for the giveaway are listed below. Contest closes at 11:59 pm EST Sunday, January 1, 2012 or as soon as there are 250 entries (whichever comes first).

Instructions / Rules

  • To enter, leave a comment on this blog post indicating that you’d like to enter and share what you love about reading romances.
  • Be sure to include a valid email address in the email form field in order to be entered in the drawing. Your email address is for my use only (in order to contact the winners). It will NOT be published on the blog or used for marketing/promotional purposes.
  • If for any reason you cannot leave a comment, email me and I’ll post your comment for you (that way everyone can see how many entries there are).
  • Winners are randomly drawn from the total list of entries.
  • One entry per person please.
  • Contest closes at 11:59 pm EST Sunday, January 1, 2012 or as soon as there are 250 entries (whichever comes first).
  • Winners will be announced on the blog and privately emailed within 48 hours after the giveaway ends.
  • If I do not hear back from any winner with his or her selection within two weeks, I reserve the right to select another winner.

Feel free to share the link to this blog post. There’s also a direct link to the giveaway on my website.

Good luck to all who enter and thank you again for your love of reading!

Also, for those of you interested in my latest release, Take Me Home, a friends-to-lovers romance, check out Chris’s post at Stumbling Over Chaos for a chance to win an ebook of Take Me Home. (Thanks, Chris, for hosting the giveaway!)

Happy reading in 2012!

Much love and happiness to you all.

Reminder: To enter the gift certificate giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post indicating that you’d like to enter and share what you love about reading romances.

125 thoughts on “Sloan Parker’s 2nd Annual Happy Holidays Giveaway

  1. I’d like to enter, please ^.^

    What I love most about romances (in my case, m/m romances) is the first kiss of the two (or more) love interests in the story.


  2. I would like to try my luck too!

    Romances (currently m/m) are my favorite genre of all times. I love to read it as it makes me fall in love all over again – in different ways, in different places, different circumstances and with different people.

    But love, nevertheless

  3. Please enter me in the drawing.

    I love romances for different things at different times. I like to escape from the world sometimes with a good romance. Other times I want to get heated up to be ready for a fun time with my husband, and there are times I use a well written romance to come up with ideas for our sexy times together. It’s all good.


  4. Id love to enter

    I love the spark… Reading about two characters grow and develop overcoming internal and external influences to find a way to be together

    I guess I’m just a big old sap

    Happy holidays

    Sarah S

  5. Love when it’s written realistically adds such a beautiful dimension to a story.

    Enter me in the contest. :)


  6. Heya Sloan, I would like to enter too please. I am patiently waiting to be able to buy Take Me Home, cause my bank froze my debit card (thieves are seriously dedicated apparently lol!). Have a great weekend!

  7. Please enter me in the contest

    I love romance because I get to feel a part of their lives, escape mine temporarily, and feel what it’s like to first fall in love all over again. And again… and again.

  8. *unclicks follow comments to this post*

    Please enter me in the contest. :)

    I like reading romance because it’s enjoyable – lit fic tends to be so dark and dreary that I find it depressing.

  9. What a great giveaway. I’m in!

    There’s something so magical about two (or more!) people finding happiness together. I never get tired of reading about it.

  10. Firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, everyone!!

    I would love to enter into the draw and I prefer realistic romance that would have me going back for 2nd/3rd and continously re-reads.

    Thank You!

  11. I would love to win this giveaway! I love to read romance because my own dating life is a dud. Reading about a relationship from start to finish is wonderful. I also love to read about hot sex! Two men together is the best thing to read!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. Thank you for organizing a Christmas giveaway party for us reader!!

    Romance is a place we can relate and create in our dreams. As long the plot does not go out of hand with good mixture of characters plus a nice style of writing…I don’t mind buying it.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

    Loh Ah Mooi

  13. Happy Holidays, Sloan! You are most generous!

    Please enter me into the draw!

    What I love about reading romances, as long as they are M/M, is that I can escape from RL for just a little while and live and love vicariously through an authors imagination. Y’all have much more vivid imaginations than I do! ;)

  14. Merry Christmas! Thank you for offering this wonderful chance to win!! Please enter me in your contest.

    What I love about reading romance is that I get to vicariously experience romantic love all over again. Getting to see all their hopes and dreams come true is just very uplifting and a good escape from the drudgery of real life. :-)


  15. I’d like to enter the giveaway!

    I love about reading romances because it’s one way of destressing my self from my daily stress which tends to cope up to a boiling point, second was it’s another way for me to dive into the author’s world that he weaved with his/her words cause I’m a bookworm and finally I love reading romances as although reality romances doesn’t exist in such way but I’m sure all of us deep down would love to read about such romances that sometimes can only exist in fiction.

  16. I’d like to enter the giveaway.

    What I love about reading romance is that I can escape the real world, relax and read what I like best (happy endings).

    Merry Christmas,


  17. Count me in please.
    I’m reading Romance for fun, because I study Literature and you need to read something which is less heave and somewhat less depresive, so I go for romance :).

    Merry Christmas!


  18. I would like to be entered!

    I don’t have a favorite I am an equal opportunity book reader I will read just about anything lol.


  19. Enter me please
    What I love about romance is that I am transported to another place and time, pulled into the lives of the characters, connected to their emotions and left feeling happy for their happy endings. Reading romance is uplifting, it shows what is possible in a sometimes ugly world.

  20. Please put my name in the hat! What I love about reading my romance writers are they make my day a little brighter and make me believe in the power of love over coming many problems. The books have a way of bringing a lift to my heart.

  21. Oh, what’s not to love in a good romance?
    I love the love, the angst, the humor, the feelings, the mystery, or the inevitable, angst-free, I just love taking a trip with the characters and arriving where they take me!

  22. I love the escapism of reading and romance is so exciting. I am a very solitary person and I really enjoy reading about two or even three people falling in love and getting their ‘Happy Ever After’.

  23. Entry for Ron (via email):
    “I love to read romance novels when two characters overcome life’s adversities and work out their problems. Sometimes the problems seem pretty close to home”

  24. My journey of Romance as follows
    Archie comics
    romance comics
    Barbara Cartland regency romances
    Harlequin Romances
    The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss
    Linda Lael Miller vampire series
    Lora Leigh Breeds series
    Samantha Kane Brothers in Arms series
    To you Sloan Parker, and many other fabulous m/m writers of romance. It’s a journey I’m still excited to be on. What’s better than romance.

  25. I enjoy reading romances (particularly m/m) because there are so many variations so there is always something to fit my mood – be it light and fluffy, angst, mystery, historical, fantasy!

  26. Count me in please!

    I love romance books because to me there isn’t anything more fascinating than love and relationships. The wonderful thing about m/m is that I get to read all sorts of books that way: contemporary romance, mysteries, supernatural, historical, funny books, sad books and of course two men are better than one.

    Happy holidays, Sloan!

  27. What I love about romance is the interaction between the characters leading up to the realization of their attraction for each other. The inuendo, the teasing and then finally the passion. It’s very exciting.

  28. I would love to enter the contest!

    I love romances for no other reason than the happy endings. It’s not a romance without it. There’s enough unhappiness in the world and I want to escape when I read and enjoy the possibilities!

  29. Please count me in!

    Reading romance makes me hopefull and helps to raise my spirits after a trying day!

    Happy Holidays guys!

  30. Hi Sloan,

    Happy holidays. Thanks for the chance to whittle away at my Amazon wish list.

    I’ve been reading all kinds of romance for over 40 years, and I love where a well written story takes me. It’s that dip out of reality that can totally recharge me, and that HEA that I’ve come to expect gives me that feel good moment that carries over into my slice of reality.

  31. I would like to enter the giveaway, please.

    I love the build up between/among the characters in romance novels. There might be friction or animosity or misunderstandings. At the end, they will move heaven and earth to remain with each other.

    Thanks for the contest and Happy Holidays.

  32. Please enter me. Option 2

    I need the happy ending and I love when I get the feeling that they are soulmates. It just makes the story that much more special to me.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  33. I would like to enter the Happy Holidays Giveaway.

    What I love most about reading gay romance novels is the fact that they give me a sense of place in the world by illuminating gay men [for me] in usually real life relationships which frequently parallel heterosexual relationships. Thus the aspects of Love become more important than the gender of the individuals. I am in love with a great guy and have been for many years now. It’s heartwarming to read about love, and how authors evolve it between guys. A good gay romance novel is like getting a big warm fuzzy hug!

  34. I read romance because I love the intensity of emotion. It leaves me breathless. Thank you for that.

  35. I love to read romances because it takes me somewhere else. I can get lost in someone’s story and experience their feelings through a really good writer. Mostly, I just like to read period. But I love reading about other people’s lives. It’s amazing the things I’ve learned. I’ve used a lot of the trivia I’ve learned to win at Trivial Pursuit!! Merry Christmas everybody!

  36. I’d love to be entered for this giveaway =) I’ve had my eyes on a few books on ARE for quite some time!
    Oh I loooooove reading romance because they make me feel so good. I need good HEAs! I love when I can’t help to grin like a fool while I’m reading. I want my heart to melt at all the love gushing out of the pages. I’ve discovered myself quite the romantic ;)

  37. Hi Sloan,

    I’d like to enter the giveaway.

    As for what I love about romance, I love those first shy glances when one character thinks the other is not looking, or secret smiles shared only between two people who know and love each other. I love it when two characters communicate silently. It’s such a beautiful thing. I love kisses, the sex is also a bonus, but physical demonstration of love is not what makes romance my favourite genre. What I love most is the intensity of emotion between two main characters. What there is not to love? ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  38. I don’t know if I should even enter, but I feel like a winner just knowing you Sloan. MORE, had a huge influence on my love of mm romance. I distinctly remember telling you that I blushed all the way through it…all 5 times I read it.. Thank you!

  39. Hi, Sloan, and Happy Holidays to you, as to all the m/m writers who’ve helped make 2011 such an interesting year.
    I would like to enter, for option 3 please. (ARE)
    I love reading romance, especially at this time of year when i need warming up. Some nice hot m/m action, especially with beautifully described feelings and characters leading up to it, does it every time.

  40. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

    I would like to enter your wonderful contest. As to what I love about romance is the struggle, heartache and the happily ever after at the end. While the sex scenes can be hot (really hot!), its the story that is told the detail. When it is done right (which you do among my other favorite authors) it feels like you know the characters in the story and move you to tears too. I like how it makes me feel after reading them and counting on the story it can also enlighten me, plus the research involved for some stories with the details provides some interesting facts.

  41. Hi,
    I’d like to enter this contest. I like reading romance because even when there is strife there is always a happy ending and now days we need more happy endings

  42. Hi. I would like to enter the contest to win.

    I love reading romance because it takes me away from all my worries. Also It just lighten my heart to see such love in this uncertain world we’re living in right now.


  43. I’d love to enter, win or lose. A Very Happy Holiday to You and Yours

    I love the tenderness and affection, especially with M/M even when its aggressive loving

  44. Win or Loose I’m In :)

    I love reading romance because it is an escape from reality and I’m all for escaping reality every chance I get.

    Congrats on your latest release.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  45. I’m with Theresa! Win or Loose, I’m there. :) Congrats on your release I still need to pick it up, but it will be mine.

    What do I love about romance? It takes me out of myself and I get to read about things that I might never be ever to experience in person. Go places I might never go. It’s pure enjoyment for me. :)

  46. Hello~
    I’d like to be entered in the contest.

    I love romances because it feels good to read about the happiness and joy of another person. I may have my own happiness, but to read about different perceptions and situations of love and how it is found and savored make romances totally addictive to me.

  47. Please enter me in the contest.

    I enjoy reading romances because its like my own personal get away. I get to pretend that I’m part of the story and live vicariously through the words. Thank you to all authors who contribute to many wonderful fantasies!

  48. I would like to enter please :)

    My favorite part of reading romance novels is the first realization that you’re falling in love. It’s like the top of the roller coaster hill about to fly :)

    I loved Take Me Home, that was beautiful

  49. I love the whole partnership idea in romances. I know that it is necessary, but there is something truly special in seeing a character slowly, or quickly, give their trust and themselves over to their partner. The feelings behind it are what make romances so special.

    I would love to be entered in this contest Sloan. Thanks for the opportunity and happy holidays to you!

  50. Merry Christmas Everyone!! Please enter me in the drawing….as to why I read romances (strangely, perhaps, but I only read m/m romance…can’t stand m/f) I enjoy reading about strong characters finding a soft spot for the ones they love! And it takes me away from my complicated life to a happier place for awhile!
    Thanks for your generosity, Sloan…and I can’t wait to get Take Me Home!

  51. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I actually stumbled onto MM romances on the net. Was reading mainstream romances before. MM is much better.

  52. Please enter me in the contest! I love romance novels for the same reason I love any novel, the emotion and the characters. Additionally, I love that romance ends up with a HEA or at least a HFN.

  53. Yes please, love giveaways…and what could be better than a voucher to buy more m/m romance! I came into romances from the paranormal romance field. Loved the HEA (or HFN) aspect of them and when I found m/m romance….well, that was it. Addicted!!!

  54. I love romance books and now have become hooked on M/M books. thank you Sloan. your books are wonderful and the characters are like frineds

  55. I love all the different possibilities in romance – no matter what body type or personality or quirks or obstacles to overcome, there’s always the hope of finding love and that’s reflected in the books I read :-)

    smaccall AT

  56. PLease enter me!

    I love reading romance because they take you away from all the problems in the here and now and allow you to fantasize in another realm for a little while.
    It seems all good books make the problems they endure so much worse than real everyday problems and the resulting love in the end absolute bliss.

    I mean my husbands idea of romantic is me putting his socks on every morning!!!

    Take me away! Please!

  57. I read m/m romance because of the relationships, I just prefer m/m because they seem more romantic to me than the m/f romances out there.

  58. Hello Sloan,

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your very generous giveaway. Thank You.

    What I love about reading romances?
    I enjoy getting lost in reading the wonderfully sexy, romantic, not to mention HOT, erotic worlds fantastic Authors, like yourself Sloan, create for Us. An Ultimate Fantasy for their Fans in each book they write with their incredibly impressive, imaginative minds we can live vicariously through their Wonderful Books.

    My interest in Erotic Fiction is primarily M/M & Menage; M/M/M, M/F/M, M/M/M/M, M/M/F/M, M/M/F/M/M….LOL I think you get the idea. I of course enjoy Paranormal; Vampires, Werewolves, Shape-Shifters, Demons, Dragons, Elves, Faeries, Mermen….as well as Cowboy/Western, Contemporary Romance, Futuristic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense & Historical….of course all with some ManLove going on. LOL

    Take Care Everyone & Happy Reading,
    Renee’ S.

  59. When I’m reading I immerse myself in the story’s world. I love romances because they allow me to feel all the strong emotions along the MC – love, desire, angst, hope, bliss :).

    One of good things in Christmas time is a free time I can spend with my (full of m/m romances) Kindle :)

  60. Happy Holidays to you Sloan Parker and what a wonderful initiative! :-) I’d love to enter.

    Reading has always been my thing, something to immerse myself in from the time I was little to now. Over the years I’ve read about everything from heavy lit to epic fantasy to mystery and detective to biographies, but somehow, the one genre that has always stuck was romance in many forms. Lately it’s mostly m/m. I just love a good romance that’s combined with other genres such as the paranormal, fantasy, mystery.

  61. I’d like to enter this contest please! >o<
    Thank you!!

    Like most of the books I read, I love getting lost in all the different worlds. I also love to see that in well… books, Love can really reach far and wide and in the end come out victorious sometimes. Even if in some it's "happily for now" It's great to see that at least for a while (as in real life) People can drown in their happiness. Heh, I especially love Paranormal and Supernatural romance. Contemporary is great too, It's nice to sometimes think that in "real time" people have their HEA. Anyways, they're not great reason's, but they're MY reasons for loving romance. :3

  62. I’d like to be entered in the giveaway, too, please.

    As for what I like about romances, I think, for me, it’s mostly because at the end of it, (usually) there’s so much hope for the couple that they’ll live happily (mostly) ever after and even if they don’t, hey, at least they’re not alone, right? So yeah, I like romances for the pick-me-up they give me.

  63. I’d love to enter! I love the different characters and problems they have and how they overcome. I also love the escape (for a little while) reading provides from my own reality.

  64. Please count me in.
    Happy Christmas to all romance readers everywhere.

    Have been reading romances of all kinds for about 45 years now, many favorites ranging from historical, fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, contemporary, mystery, adventure, thriller and most recently m/m. Love em all! Looking forward to another 45 years of fabulous romance.

  65. Count me in please. I enjoy reading something wher I know what ever problems the people have it will work out for them.

  66. Thank you for the contest,please count me in.I love romance,it’s feels good to know they will overcome whatever comes their way.

  67. Thanks for this giveaway! Count me in, please.

    I like how romance stories concentrate on characters as well as in the plot. And I love happy endings… I like parting with a book feeling happy myself.

    Happy Holidays!

  68. Hi,
    count me in please!

    Ok first I only read romance with a HEA or HFN, mostly I read m/m now there the sex scenes are not so corny ;-)

    Secondly reading m/m romance is fun! Why else? ^-^

    Happy Holidays!

  69. Please enter me
    What i like about reading romance is the thought it could actually happen to think that is me instead of a fictianal person.

  70. Please enter me in the contest

    What I love about romance especially M/M romance is the escape, the peek I get into the lives that fabulous authors like you create.

  71. Please enter me!

    I always pick up a romance novel after a long or a bad day at work. It is like an escape outlet for me. The love, the angst, the sex and the creativity of the authors all in one book.

  72. Please enter me!!!

    I love to get lost in the worlds created by romance books authors. there is no romance book that i have read that i did not like for one reason or another.

  73. I would like to enter the contest!

    What I love about romance novels is the feelings of hopefulness in love and the warmth of a happy ending. I like to feel good after I read a book. To catch a glimpse into someone’s imagination is a great treat and inspires my own.

  74. Thank you for holding the giveaway – I would love to enter. I read primarily m/m romance now (Take Me Home was great, by the way) – I enjoy reading about the development of feelings between people and I’m particularly a sucker for scenes displaying tenderness between lovers. Happy holidays!

  75. Thank you for holding this contest! I would like to enter it as well.

    I love reading romances, just to escape reality, and enter a another world, and read about the adventures of of how two (or more) people fall in love.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    PS. Congrats for your many Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards, for Breathe!

  76. Please count me in. ^^

    I love reading romance stories because they help me de-stress after experiencing bad days. It’s nice to forget my problems and escape cruel realities for awhile.

    Happy Holidays. ^^

  77. Count me in please.

    I like reading romance as a way to escape and destress like a lot of other people here. Mostly I just like reading, some people meditate I like reading romance to get myself in another world!

    Merry Christmas!


  78. Hello, happy Christmas, please count me in too. I read romances because there is always the potential for a happily ever after (sadly real life doesn’t always work that way….which makes the escapist pleasure of romance all the sweeter) xx

  79. Hi, I love to submit to the contest

    Love al romance because it can give you a prespective… some time not a real one jijiji.. of what a loving relationship should be…

    and m-m it´s my fav because it´s so touching… also can´t wait for you to post more than just a book next chapter..

    Happy hollidays to all

  80. I would like to enter please!

    What I like about reading romance…I love the HEA. Real life sometimes sucks. It is nice to know that I can go find me a happy ever after whenever I need one.

  81. Please enter me in to your competition

    I love romances because I love to see people falling in love. I especially love mm romances because I find they go straight to my heart.

  82. I would love to be entered in the contest.

    What I love best about reading romance books and it’s what all the good romance books have, is that moment when the characters you have been rooting for finally begin to SEE each other as someone they can love. Call it realization or the “AHA” moment if you want. Doesn’t matter if they have been best friends, worst enemies, co-workers, or strangers on the story’s first introduction. Sometimes that “AHA” moment happens subtlely or like a brick falling on their head. Sometimes it happens early in the story or very late. Before they kiss or after. I tend to like the ones more that happen after the main characters have had time to get to know one another.
    Plus, it helps that you know a happy ending is waiting for you.

  83. Please, I’d like to enter the contest.
    What I love best about reading romance is first of all a nice story which wont let you go till you finish. I love the enemies to lover theme or bondings, but most of all I like to have a good, solid plot! I love drama but only if I know there is a happy ending!

    Happy( upcoming) New Year!


  84. Please enter me in the contest.

    What I love best about reading romance is the way that the story unfolds. It has to have a good or sensible plot.

    Happy New Year!


  85. Please enter me in the contest.

    What I love best about romance is that after a terribly normal (or sometimes just plain bad) day, it’s nice to remember that there’s magic in something so simple as falling in love.

  86. Hi, I’d like to enter as the contest as well please!

    What I like about reading romance, is that mostly you know it’s a happy end, so the interesting part is how to get there and I like if that takes time and effort on the part of the characters. :-)

    Happy New Year!


  87. Count me in please!

    I love reading romance as a way to relax, some watch TV, I read romance. :)

  88. Hi Sloan, Please enter my name into the contest.
    I love to read romance because the stories are usually HEA and it’s fun to read about exciting things happening in someone else life. A lot of the situations are much more dangerous and edgy than you’d ever experience.

  89. Thank you all for stopping by and entering the giveaway. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s responses with what you love about romances. I’ll be announcing the winners of the giveaway on New Year ’s Day. Hope you all have a wonderful 2012!

  90. Hi! I’d like to like enter the contest. Thanks!

    Reading romances are a great way to escape for the afternoon on the weekend or a late-night read. It really started with Jane Austen and has expanded from there.

    Have a great New Year!

  91. I’d love to be in the contest!

    The reason that I choose romance nine times out of ten when reading (or writing), is that romance reminds me about all the good in the world. Oftentimes, I am bogged down in the negatives of the every day struggle of making a living for my family and trying to do what is right in a world that is often corrupt. Love, in all its forms, spiritually and physically, is right and good.

  92. I would love to enter !

    I love seeing the fears and angst of the characters turn into hope and love as they relise they are falling in love and the other person is too.

  93. Happy New Year!

    I’d like to enter the contest as well please, if it’s not too late…

    What I like about reading romance is that basicly you know it will have a happy end, the good side always wins and your geek/ugly duckling always will get his man…it’s nice.

    Reading romance reminds me to stay optimistic and that all might work out it the real life as well. :-)

  94. Happy New Year Sloan!

    I’d love to be entered in this contest. :)

    For me, I like reading romance I love a good HEA or HFN when I’m reading and reading romances gives me this. :) Also, each author has their own take on what is romantic so it’s fun to read the various perspectives on love and romance.

  95. Would love to enter the contest.

    What I love about reading romances is the chance to escapse to another place and time for a bit giving you a break from the harshness of reality for a time!


  96. I would love to enter. Thank you for such a great contest. So, what do I like/love about reading romance? The happy feeling I get at the end, the HEA. I absolutely love that, and the journey to get there is important too.

    billi jean

  97. So excited to see all the entries. Good luck, everyone! Looks like we’re at 3 gift certificates to give away and still a few more hours to enter.

    Oh, and in my earlier comment I meant to say I’d be announcing the winners tomorrow, not today.

    Happy New Year!

  98. Please enter me in your contest.

    I like reading romance as it can take me to so many different places and I get to walk in another persons shoes for just a little while – it is more a vacation from real life.

  99. Please enter me for your wonderful contest…*S*
    I love reading romance as it make the wolrd a a lot brighter for me especially during the long winter months here in the interior of Alaska. I love the emotional investment that I get from the emotional connection to the characters in a very well written story. I love caring about the H/h, wanting them to have that HEA…*S*
    Thank you for the contest and the giveaway!


  100. OOPS!!! What I love about any romance is the building of the trust that is involved…Whatever type of romance…Marie

  101. I’d love to enter the contest, please. :)

    Right now, my favorites in romance to read are paranormal romances, specifically shape-shifter/werewolf romances. I am a HUGE fan of the insta-mate concept. Or even if it isn’t instant, I love the idea of mates. The impossibility of cheating, the 100% time, care, and just plain love that goes into that person or persons. I just love mates and I love when the hero or heroine take the news of the mate thing very well. :)

    Otherwise, I love all about romances. The romance, the story, the characters. OH, and any book I read HAS to have an HEA. I feel like I wasted my money if there isn’t a definite HEA at the end. :)

    My email:

  102. I like the escape romances provide-I can go anywhere and do anything without leaving the comfort of home, or breaking my budget. I love the feeling I get when things end well, and the thrill of the chase, as it were. Thanks for such a fun start to the New Year.

    nancyg5997 at gmail dot com

  103. I’d love to be entered in the contest, thanks! What I love about romances is being about to escape from reality for a while.

  104. I love the escapism of romance and the idea of a HEA. I also enjoy “seeing” new places, even if it is only through the author’s eyes (especailly when it’s a world created by the author). I got started reading at a very early age (my parents used to ground me from reading instead of other things because they figured that was “worse” for me) and found my love of Regency from my grandfatrher’s Harleqin Super Romances and have been reading romances ever since.


  105. What a great contest. Pls enter me& thanks for the chance to win more books lol.

    What I love to read about romance is meeting someone who @ hearts is just like me. Wanting that one chance, just one chance. I love finding a new without that taken me away.

    Good luck to everyone. Thanks Michelle

  106. Entry for Randy (via e-mail):

    I like M/M romances because I can’t find books for gay men that are well writen and express love and emotion properly in general fiction at the local book store.
    I have alays read romance along with other types of novels since I was a teenager. My first romance was LUCKY by Jackie Collins. Followed by Danielle Steel and more of each of them.
    Romance has always fills a whole in a gat Georgia boy’s life that couldn’t be filled in reality.mmThat is why I loved to read romance novels. Reality so rarely measures up.

  107. I love romances. They are my escape from the day to day crap. I don’t watch TV at all anymore. These are my ME time!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  108. I would love to enter. I love romances because of all the possibilities. The way people fight for the people they love. They struggles they some times go through to be with the one they love.

    Robin B
    robinblankenship at gmail dot com

  109. Hiyah Sloan, What a great idea for a contest. I have been readin thru the responses and not only are the people so diverse the answers are too….Great stuff!

    I would luv to enter and explain why I luv romance novels but I cant. To tell the truth I have tried for years to express why the romance genre….I have been readin “grown up” romances since the bodice ripper days of the late 60s and early 70s. I have had alotta people ask me, usually in a negative tone, WHY DO YOU READ THAT STUFF? and now, with reading m/m or f/f romance I find that question has come back around to haunt me…like bell-bottom jeans…hahahahaha

    I guess it would be easier to answer why I read. I read ALOT becuase I am homebound and have the time but, the real reasons I read are to meet new people and make new friends, to go to exotic places or small cities and towns in the US that I will never see. I read to be able to run in a race, or walk the mall with friends or ride a horse thru the park on a Sunday afternoon or run across a beach and stop and have a picnic…..I read to help solve a serial killer murderer or help people in need……
    ……..and with a little help from people I will never meet AKA authors…..I get to do that and so much more.

    Hope everyone had great holidays!

    jo johannasnodgrass(at)yahoo(dot)com

  110. Romances are the ultimate escape! What’s better than a good story embellished by your own imagination? And I want to feel good when I finish a book and romance novels deliver that. I do like fantasy and darker themes (okay, and cookbooks), but I want a HEA! And a little smexxin along the way is good too.

  111. Happy holidays & may everyone have a Great New Year.

    I love reading romances as an alternate escape from the fantastic worlds of the future & past I otherwise love to read.

    For whatever reason, I’ve gotten to prefer m/m romances. I think it’s cuz I know that m/f is really unlikely in my life, but I still love to read the glow of romance & hot sex.

  112. I’d like to enter the contest.

    I love romance stories. With so much negative things happening in the world, it’s nice to escape and read about people falling in love and overcoming obstacles to live out their HEA. I don’t mind angst or how they get to their HEA, just that they do.

    Happy New Years!

  113. I’d love to be included, Sloan! As for why I love reading romance, I enjoy going through the journey with each couple I read about, and I love the hope and renewal of faith in love in each story. Wishing you joy and success in 2012!
    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  114. I’m thrilled to announce the winners of my 2nd Annual Happy Holidays Giveaway.

    There were over 100 entries which means there are 3 winners this year.

    So here are the 3 random winners (selected using who will receive their choice of a $25 gift certificate from ARe, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

    Congratulations to…


    Tracey D

    Rita S

    I’ll be emailing the three of you shortly so you can verify which gift certificate you’d like to receive. If you don’t get the email within 24 hours, feel free to contact me.

    Thank you all for stopping by the blog and entering the giveaway. I had such a great time reading your responses to what you love about romances. I loved hearing from people who are as into this genre as I am. You all rock!

    Hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and romance-filled 2012!

    All the very best,

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