Quote I Love: When you know you’re about to see him

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“Passion is that feeling you get when you know you’re about to see him. It is that ache you have in your stomach after you’ve just left him. Passion is the fear of never seeing him again. Passion is what love is all about.”


This quote reminded me of something my sweetie and I were just discussing with utter amazement. So many times, even after all these years, we still get a rush when we see each other. We still want to be together like we want to be with no one else, even minutes after we annoy each other. We still have rose-colored glasses that help us see past the faults and disagreements and everyday problems. We still cuddle and giggle like we just met. For me, that’s how I know it’s love.

That is what I hope everyone has or will find.

2 thoughts on “Quote I Love: When you know you’re about to see him

  1. I love this quote….totally nabbing it and printing it and puttin it on the fridge :)


    Everything you just said, YES! YES! YES! Me (us) too *grins* isn’t it great?

    • Hi Elaine! So glad you liked it. I love hearing that other couples are like us. Congrats to the two of you!! It’s sad to see some who barely can stand being in the same room with each other. Makes you wonder what happened along the way and how we got so lucky.

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