Friday Photo: Mini Golf & Technology Collide

Totally off topic of writing and romance, but I love playing mini golf.

I stink at it, yet I almost always have a blast.

One thing that sucks (along with my score) is having to keep track of the scoring with those tiny pencils that always poke me in the leg when I cram one into my pocket on my turn.

Then it occurred to me, there’s gotta be an app for that.


My Mini Golf Scorecard. It worked great on my iPhone. No more tiny, poking pencils!

And here’s the first course I tried it on. My score sucked (as usual), but I had fun playing with the new app.

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

Anyway, just had to share for any of you fellow mini golf lovers out there. Check out My Mini Golf Scorecard or one of the other mobile apps for keeping score. Save yourself from the poke of a pencil!


4 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Mini Golf & Technology Collide

    • Shay: You gotta love technology. *g* At least in some instances. I honestly can’t imagine going back to the days of the manual typewriter to write, revise, and edit a book.

  1. LOL! Seriously, there’s an app for nearly everything, isn’t there?! :D I have an app for sending comments to the City of Minneapolis and reporting potholes, etc. LOL!

    • Chris: A pothole app…I love that! My dad had me online checking for how he could track an old train that was coming through our neighborhood. He wanted to stalk it so he could watch it go by. Turns out they had an app that told you were it was located at any moment and I think even how fast it was traveling. He was in steam engine stalker heaven.

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