Video I Love: Oskar, which has me missing my little guy today

Okay, I’m going to get all sappy here, but I love this video. It reminds me of my own cat Jesse, whom we lost a few years ago. He had a toy puppy he absolutely loved playing with and would fearlessly do all kinds of things like jumping onto the couch not knowing what he’d encounter just so he could get to his favorite sleeping spot. If it weren’t for the occasional running into the walls or furniture, you’d have never known he was blind. And he was such a sweetheart. He just made my life so much brighter every day, and a part of me will always miss him.

Oskar (born without formed eyeballs) is the winner of the Friskies’ best cat video award.

ETA: Meant to include this one too:

My Jesse and his puppy.

(c) Sloan Parker


(c) Sloan Parker


(c) Sloan Parker


(c) Sloan Parker

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