Video I Love: Men on Couches

Thought it was time again for a little inspiration. This is also one of the songs from my playlist for Kevin and Walter.

4 thoughts on “Video I Love: Men on Couches

  1. I love me some DeRo and these two certainly had plenty of couch action, I can never look at red couch without thinking of these two…. and by golly do these two melt me or what….

  2. Loved this vid — But I really need more Kevin and Walter, Please?
    I hope this vid inspires you- those guys both need help and I need to find out —thanks for their fab free story.

    • Glad you liked it, CaryLory. I get inspired by so many things and this kind of vid definitely helps. Not sure if I’ll write more for Walter and Kevin after How to Save a Life, but I don’t want to rule that out for any of my characters at this point.

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