The Mind of a Writer


(c) Sloan Parker 2013

While taking my daily walks this past week, I noticed two swans had moved into my neighborhood. They do everything together. Fly, bathe, swim, groom. Admittedly I know next to nothing about the life of swans. (Although I do believe they can form life-long monogamous pair bonds and are fiercely protective of their nests. My hon was even chased by one as a kid.)

As I watched these swans, I found myself asking question after question.


(c) Sloan Parker 2013

Will they stay here? Or is this a stopover for them? How long have they been together? What will happen if one of them passes away?

I’m walking and thinking. My mind pondering the past and future of these swans.


(c) Sloan Parker 2013

More walking, more thinking.

Of course, like I’ve always done since I was a kid, if I don’t know something, I make up my own story for it.


(c) Sloan Parker 2013

Now these swans each have a tragic backstory that led them to the moment they met. I know how long they’ve been together and that one is older than the other. I know how many obstacles they had to overcome to get to this peaceful, contented place they now live.

Then I stopped, stared at the swans, and laughed at myself. I could’ve been pondering and plotting my next book. But noooo… I’m dreaming up stories for two swans. Swans!

Thus goes the mind of a writer, a daydreamer.


2 thoughts on “The Mind of a Writer

  1. Sloan I totally understand ;)

    Yes, swans (and actually many bird species) mate for life. When one loses it’s mate, the remaining partner can become quite nasty. My house is decorated with probably more than 100 swans (including 3 beautiful planters in my front yard) since it’s my last name. Even our second family Christmas card from when I was 14 mo. old has me sitting on a stuffed rocking swan :)

    Obviously I’ve had a lifelong obsession with them. I do get a lot of flack for the swan art I have, but too bad. They are beautiful and I love them :D

    • Love this, Sadonna. I bet your house looks amazing with all the swans. They are such beautiful birds. I took more photos this morning of the ones by my house. I love watching them do everything as a pair. They never get very far from each other.

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