Story Inspiration: Close Together

Are they on a date? Did they just meet? Or are they friends sitting close? Does one have a crush on the other? Is one about to make a move? What are they talking about? Does someone have a secret? How will this scene end? So many ideas!

A Touch, a Kiss, and Other Images Showcasing Beautiful Love

Here are some of my recent “beautiful love” finds at Pinterest. If you can’t see the embedded images below, you can view my entire Beautiful Love board on my Pinterest page. Just scanning these pics gives me so many feels and so many story ideas!

A singer, writer, cowboy, and more character inspirations

Serge (#133)

Male portrait


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Story Inspiration: It’s all in the embrace

There’s a great story in this picture. It has me wondering… Are they friends? Lovers? Is this a first date? Is it their first embrace? Were they just arguing? Laughing? Are they falling in love? Do their families not approve of their relationship? Did they just get engaged? Decide to have a child? Move in together?

I love the way these kinds of visuals always lead me to a story idea (or loads of ideas!).

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Story Inspiration: Lost in Thought, Time Together, and More Story Prompt Photos

Here are some new photos for my story inspiration series. Any of these images give you writers out there new ideas? Do these pictures have you asking questions? What are these people thinking? Why are they together? How long have they known each other? Why are some of them alone right then? What’s on their minds right then?


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain


Photo License: CC0 Public Domain

Don’t forget, I also have story inspiration and beautiful love boards at Pinterest, which I typically update more often with images that inspire me.