Release Party: Author Favorite Snippets from MORE THAN MOST

More Than Most Release Party

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Here are snippets from some of my favorites moments in the book (excluding the last few scenes as I didn’t want to give away too much for those who haven’t read the book yet).

# 1

“Well,” Luke said, finally breaking the depressing silence. “That’s one good thing about Matthew barely being old enough to shave. He can take care of us when we’re old.”

It was a rare occasion when Luke talked about our relationship as if it had no end. His words brought a smile to my lips.


# 2

Luke kept tracing the scar with his forefinger. Then all his fingers ran over my pecs, his attention no longer on the scar but on all of me. He met my stare as he reached up and gripped the sides of my neck in both hands. It was a tense, controlling grip, but I had no fear he would hurt me. This wasn’t about me, but about what he was feeling—the frustration and lack of control where his father was concerned.

He pressed our foreheads together. “God, I’ve missed you.” The words were barely a whisper against my lips.

So maybe this was about me.


# 3

I opened my arms, and Matthew moved into them, laying his head on my chest again. I lived for those moments—the intimate, sensual contact following the sex. I wanted to feel them, connect with them in a way that getting off didn’t allow. I loved to bring them pleasure in every way they needed, but the touching after, that was for me.


# 4

He looked back at me. The warm expression in his eyes told me that he knew I’d be there for him, no matter what. He knew I’d help him protect Matthew—protect all of us. He would never be alone in any of it.


# 5

In a rare declaration, Luke held Matthew’s face in his hands and said, “We will be. Always.” He leaned in and pressed his lips to the other side of Matthew’s neck, and I wound my arms around them both.

Matthew sighed like that had made all the difference.


# 6

I lifted up and caressed his cheek with mine, and in that moment I felt closer to him than I had since I returned from my business trip. The night spent with them, their help with the research, the intense sex afterward, the intimacy of lying there touching them both—it all gave me a sense of peace, a serenity nothing else matched. No matter what happened with the estate, I’d have Luke and Matthew and that was ultimately all that mattered to me. Anything else I could live without. But not them.


# 7

I waited, afraid if I moved I’d disrupt what needed to happen between them.

“I—” Luke held a hand out for Matthew, then dropped it just as quickly.

Matthew stepped forward and reached for that hand. “It’s okay.”

Luke met his stare and leaned in to rest his forehead against Matthew’s, gripping Matthew’s hand in return. “God, I’m sorry.”


# 8

There was no missing the moment his frustrated expression changed, the moment he gave himself over to what he really wanted to do. He leaned into my touch and nodded.


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I SWEAR TO YOU Release Party: Some of Sloan’s Favorite Quotes From the Book

I Swear To You by Sloan Parker Giveaway

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Here are some of my favorite lines from I SWEAR TO YOU:

Quote 1:
There was just something about Mateo, something about watching him pleasure himself that got Grady hot and bothered. It fed a primal instinct in him that no amount of fucking girls had done for him.

Quote 2:
Grady seized him by the arm and spun him around. “Teo, it doesn’t have to mean anything. So we like jerking off together? It doesn’t mean we’re— It doesn’t mean anything.”
Mateo snorted out a bitter laugh and shook his head. “It means everything.”

Quote 3:
He took Grady’s silence as the affirmation it was. He threw his arms up in the air. “How in the hell did I get all the brains in this family? What kind of asshole tells his parents he’s gay, announces it on Facebook for everyone to see, and he doesn’t even know if he likes to suck dick?”

Quote 4:
“Did you know about yourself right away after we… After we were here last time?”
Mateo took a swig of the beer as if he had to think before speaking, or work up the courage to share something so personal. “There was no going back for me after that weekend.”

Quote 5:
“I’ve missed you too, Teo. More than I can say.” Only he was saying. He’d been trying to say everything that he could think of, more than he’d ever thought he would express to anyone.
They both moved at the same time and met halfway. This kiss was less about passion and more about saying what words weren’t enough for.

Quote 6:
They didn’t speak. Grady let his lips and hands say all he could to him, and Mateo seemed to be doing the same.
Grady wanted to believe he was reading the unspoken words correctly. That Mateo had forgiven him, that this was just the beginning.

Quote 7:
Eventually they stilled, Mateo’s head on Grady’s chest as he said, “No one’s touched me like that in a long time.” He shook his head. “No one’s ever touched me like that.”

Quote 8: 
He gave him a long look. It was loyalty and devotion and maybe something more all rolled into one. “I had to make sure that if you ever figured things out and wanted to try again, I could be with you and not put you in danger.”

Quote 9:
Mateo faced the water once more. “Can we stay here for a little while longer?”
“Sure. However long you want.”
Without looking Grady’s way, he asked, “How about forever?” Then he turned to him again, and for the first time since they’d gotten to the lake, those dark eyes had a peaceful serenity to them. “Does forever work for you?”