Links: Breathe at B&N, Motivation & Facebook

I’ve had my head down finishing up TAKE ME HOME and only have a minute to post today (and it’s almost time to hit the sheets for some serious sleep), so I thought I’d quickly share a few links.

  • For those of you who were asking, BREATHE is now available at Barnes & Noble.
  • I blogged last week on one of my group blogs about motivation: Giving Lackluster Motivation a Kick in the Pants. Your reader comments about my writing and stories really do help!
  • I now have a Facebook Author Fan page. You can “Like” the page to follow my writing news on Facebook. Or you can friend me via my regular profile. Or do both. I’m probably on FB more than any other social site (when I have time to be online at all, that is).

Okay, I’m off to bed.

Can’t wait for everyone to get a look at TMH. Is it December yet?