Brainstorming – my next book is calling me

Once a week I post about something I’m loving (tv, movies, books, art, photos, romances, authors, or anything else). So here is this week’s For the Love of…

Writers are usually very solitary people. We spend hours and hours in our own heads, playing with thoughts and images until we get a story poured out onto the “paper.” We spend a lot of time listening to made-up people. It’s rewarding and challenging, but it can also suck when you get stuck on something. Group brainstorming can help.

Last weekend I spent two days with a group of local writers. We rotated between individual writing time and group brainstorming. It was a rare chance for me to get input and story inspiration from others, as well as an opportunity to help brainstorm in other genres. It was a productive, fun weekend. The entire process helped me get a jump-start on some conflict ideas for my next book.  (And let me just say, I’m so mean to my characters…it’s worth it though).

That’s the great thing about group brainstorming. No matter how many of the ideas I end up using, the entire process motivated me and also sparked my own ideas after I got home and my mind kept running through my story.

Thanks to my writing pals: Connie, Jennie, Lesly, Rita, and KateLynn. You guys rock!! I loved hearing about your stories. Best of luck on your writing!

Any other writers out there ever try group brainstorming, either online or in person? What process works for you?

I’d love to hear about it.
Sloan Parker