Video I Love: Now that’s a hero!

In my local writing group we often talk about the heroes and heroines of romances. When I saw this story, my first thought was, “Now that’s a hero.”

Quote I Love: What stirs your respect

On writing characters…

“It does not matter whether your intent is to portray someone real or someone heroic. To make either type matter to your readers, you need only find in your real human being what is strong, and in your strong human being what is real . . . How do you find the strong or human qualities in your protagonist? What will be most effective to portray? The answer to those lies in you, the author. What is forgivably human to you? What stirs your respect? That is where to start.”

Donald Maass, The Fire in Fiction

Memorable Heroes from Film and TV

Hi everyone,

I only have a minute to post today (or I guess that should be tonight in my time zone), but I wanted to share a link. I guest blogged this week at the Loose Id author blog continuing my discussion about heroes. I shared some of my favorite characters from television and film. I’d love to hear who you would add to the list.

Memorable Heroes: Courage, Conviction & Vulnerability

Thanks for checking it out. Hope you all have a fab weekend!