Reading Goals for 2011

Sampling of Sloan’s To Read List

Looking back on 2010 I’m disappointed in the number of books I read. Around 40 books (including novellas and an occasional shorter work). This number would be even lower if it weren’t for the two published contests where I served as a judge. Granted, I was incredibly busy. It was my first year as a published author, plus I finished writing/editing Breathe, outlined 4 novels, and wrote the first drafts for 2 of those.

The thing is, my writing and voice are much stronger the more I’m reading quality books by other authors, which means I need to keep reading, as much as I can. So I decided to make my reading goal public today.

For 2011, I’m determined to read an average of 1.5 books per week for a total of 78 books (I’m going to include novellas in that list, but not short stories. I’ll also be counting any audio books, otherwise this goal would be only 1 book a week or less). Yes, some of you are probably laughing at this measly goal, but I’m a slow reader and a slow writer. Usually my reading time is limited to just before bed and listening to an audio book while cleaning the house. My writing goals have to come first. Plus I’ve vowed to spend more quality time with my sweetie this year too. Oh, and there’s still that part-time “day job” that helps pay the bills. I’d love to read more, but I’m trying to keep this goal achievable without stressing myself out too much. Reading is one of my greatest joys in life, and I don’t want it to feel like a chore.

What about you? Do you have any reading goals? Or other resolutions for 2011 you’d like to share? I promise not to look back at this post come December 31 and bug you to see if you made it (well, maybe not…that kinda sounds like fun).

Happy Reading,