10 Reasons Why I LOVE this Writing Gig

Sloan Writing

(c) Sloan Parker, 2013


1. I find little sticky notes around the house that say things like “don’t forget the Superman underwear” and “move the BJ to the next chapter” and “are there too many blowjobs in the first half?”

2. I get to giggle at typos like “ass checks” and “coch rings” and “me nipples” and “he stopped the teasing of my dicks.” I mean, how many dicks does one man have?

3. When I’m really into a sex scene or romantic moment between my heroes, I get totally lost in the moment and forget every worry in my life or every horrible problem in the world, and the world shrinks to that one moment in time when everything’s beautiful and right.

4. I can stare out the window at the leaves blowing in the wind, at the swans peacefully gliding over the water, at the white snow falling down, and I’m still working. Because sometimes I have to stop typing and just daydream, or how else will I ever know what happens next?

5. Looking at my website stats gives me a good laugh when I see what keywords people have typed in to find my site. Stuff like “wild roommate scenarios” and “tumblr gay desert sex in cowboy boots” and “videos of a gay man ramming his pointy shoe up a man’s asshole.”

6. I get to spend my days with people who I love being around. (Okay, so they’re fictional people. I still really like hanging with them).

7. I can’t think of any other job where you can tell your boss, “I’m stuck on a problem and I gotta go for a walk so I can figure out how to get my character’s head out of his ass.”

8. I can write with a cat on my lap. They sorta frowned at that at my old job.

9. When a book is done, I can think back at that blank document it started out as (no story, no characters, no dialogue, nothing), then compare that to the final manuscript and feel really damn proud of the world I’ve created, with all the complexities and nuances that make it unique from any other story that’s been written before.

And my favorite…

10. Hearing from readers who were so drawn to the characters, so moved by the story I wrote, that they decided to take time out of their own busy lives to send me a note of thanks.

So thank you to every reader who’s contacted me, who’s tried one of my stories and liked them enough to keep on reading my work, who’s helped me make a go of this writing thing. All through my childhood I made up stories that were just for me–and my imaginary friend. You have no idea what it means to me that I get to share the characters and stories in my head with others. Thank you!

Part 10 of More Than Just a Good Book is now available



Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, New Adult, Light BDSM
Length: 65,000+ words

The final installment of Mark and Scott’s story is now available! (The entire story will only be on my website for free for two weeks until December 1st.)

Or if you prefer, you can buy direct now at the following retailers:


All Romance Ebooks

Barnes And Noble


Thanks for following along with Mark and Scott’s story. I hope you enjoy the final installment. I (and others checking out the book) would greatly appreciate any and all reviews at sites like Amazon, B&N, All Romance eBooks, and Goodreads. Reviews really do help a book get more visibility with new readers. Thank you!



M/M Romance Reader Appreciation Day & Giveaway, Saturday Nov 16th


This Saturday, November 16th is our monthly Reader Appreciation Day at the Sweet Spot Yahoo Group. Stop by to enter the giveaway, read excerpts, and chat with authors of M/M romances. The giveaway runs from 8 am – 8 pm EST.

The following authors have generously donated these books or other prizes.







Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. If you haven’t already, join the Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheSweetSpotMM/
  2. On Saturday, November 16th watch the group page (or your email if you choose to receive emails from the group) for a message with instructions on how to enter. The subject of the post should read something like “RAD Giveaway: Reply here for a chance to win”
  3. Reply to that message anytime between 8am and 8pm EST indicating you’d like to enter the giveaway.

That’s it. You’ll be added to the drawing for your chance at a random prize.

Complete List of Prizes & Donating Authors

Hope you can join us at The Sweet Spot Reader Appreciation Day.

Authors of m/m romances, if you’re interested in joining us for our next RAD, we’d love to have you. Send me an email and I’ll add you to our author contact list.

New Novella Coming Next Year: I SWEAR TO YOU

Two Men In Bed

(c) www.fotosearch.com Stock Photography

I’m working on a novella for my publisher Loose Id based on the theme “Missing Connections.”

As it’s planned, I SWEAR TO YOU is a friends-to-lovers, reunion story about two former “straight” college roommates who meet up years after the one and only night they let themselves explore how far beyond friendship their feelings had grown.

Keep an eye on upcoming newsletters and blog posts for the official blurb with more details, previews, and a release date. It should be sometime in spring 2014.

(I’m still working on More #2 as well, so there’ll be more upcoming news on that book too.)

Coming this month!


I’m holding the proof copy of the print edition for MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK in my hands right now, and I’m about to start doing a final proof and formatting review of the e-book.

The e-book will be published to retailers the week of November 18th. It’ll be up on All Romance eBooks right away, Amazon can take a day or two, and it might take a few days to a couple of weeks for some of the other stores to add it to their catalogs. I’ll update my website with links as it becomes available.

Cannot wait to share the final result with everyone.


Book Description

Shy, nervous Scott is a big book geek, and fellow student Mark is a bit controlling between the sheets. During one afternoon at the university library, they find they are the perfect match. Now they have to find out if they can keep on proving that some things are even more enjoyable than a good book.

As the two begin exploring their most secret sexual fantasies, neither can imagine walking away. With only one semester left before they head off in different directions, they discover it’s impossible to avoid their growing feelings for each other. When a desperate bully tries to destroy Mark’s chance at the career he’s always wanted and tries to keep him away from Scott, the two lovers must come to terms with exactly what it means to be in love with someone—and how to be brave enough to go after what it is they truly want.

This work contains graphic language and explicit sexual content between two men, including some light BDSM (spanking and bondage). Intended for adult audiences only.

Length: 164 pages in print format, 60,000+ words


HOW TO SAVE A LIFE now available in trade paperback

SP_HowToSaveALifePrint_tradecover_MdI’m pleased to share that you can now pick up a print copy of HOW TO SAVE A LIFE at AmazonCreateSpace, and Barnes & Noble.

ISBN-13: 978-1492268963
ISBN-10: 1492268968




Reporter Kevin Price has a knack for tripping over his own feet. And everyone else’s. He’s in over his head undercover at the Haven, a swanky gay sex club, determined to find out why members of the club keep vanishing. Five minutes inside and he can no longer deny the truth about his sexuality. He turns to the one man he can’t get out of his head, the sexy ex-cop handling security. Too bad Kevin doesn’t trust cops. Not since the only night he let himself be with another man.

Walter Simon doesn’t do the club scene anymore. Not since he found love and lost it. That doesn’t mean he’ll let anyone hurt more innocent gay men. Even if that means going head-to-head with the klutzy, closeted, much-younger reporter. Kevin has information about the disappearances. Better to keep him close. And safe.

Neither is at the club to hook up or fall in love. Now they must work together amid their growing passion in order to uncover the truth before more men disappear.

Note: How to Save a Life features Walter Simon, a secondary character from MORE, but can be read as a stand-alone story.



Kevin did not want to talk about this. Yet a part of him longed to do just that.

Here, in this room, with a gay man listening to him, he couldn’t pretend any longer. He wanted to kiss Walter again, let his tongue wander over those lips, down along the skin of his neck to the warm flesh under his clothes, his chest, and lower to his abs, and even lower. He wanted to taste it all. He couldn’t hide from that fact. Not any longer.

He’d known for months now that he’d been heading to this moment. Whether he’d wanted to admit it or not.

It had been easy to keep the promise he’d made in his youth. At least while he’d been with Sondra. He wasn’t a cheater. Now that she was gone, now that he was here, now that he’d felt this man’s touch…he was done holding back.

Walter cupped his chin and forced him to look up.

“I guess I can’t hide from it forever.”

“That’s good. You don’t have to hide. Not here. Not in this room. Not with me.”


Interview, Giveaway, and More on Richard’s Story

Potential OTDU Banner 7

I’ve been interviewed at On Top Down Under Book Reviews as part of their First Blog-versary. These were a fantastic set of questions. I shared about the inspiration for some of my stories, what I’ve got coming out next, and some of what More #2 will include. There’s also a giveaway: winner’s choice of either e-book or print format from my backlist, including the new print edition of HOW TO SAVE A LIFE.

Comment on the interview post to enter. And be sure to wish On Top Down Under Book Reviews a Happy Anniversary.

The giveaway will be open until midnight (US) Eastern Standard Time Sunday, October 20, 2013. Good luck!

New Cover for Trade Paperback Release of How to Save a Life

Here’s a mock-up preview for the upcoming trade paperback version of HOW TO SAVE A LIFE.

How to Save a Life Cover Flat


I’ve got the proof copy in hand and will be going through it shortly to do a final check. It’ll be available for order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, CreateSpace, and others starting in October. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for the various retailers to get it added to their catalogs.


Proof Copy

And just for fun, here’s a snippet from one of my favorite moments in the book…

Walter sucked in a deep breath, and the embrace turned fierce, like he wasn’t sure he could ever let go. He whispered, “I never thought I’d be here.”


Walter threaded a hand through the wet strands at the back of Kevin’s hair. “More afraid of losing someone than I’ve ever been. Wanting and needing someone more than…anyone.”

Kevin kept his arms wrapped around Walter, sweeping his palms over the damp skin of his back and broad shoulders, desperately needing to comfort and not wanting to face why. Or maybe he did. Maybe he’d been waiting for this moment all his life.


My Brother’s Best Friend: My new three-word scenario


I had such fun writing this latest scenario about a guy who’s seriously crushing on his brother’s best friend. I know, sounds like a porn setup, right? It’s actually a sweet scene. You can check it out on the Loose Id author blog.

My short stories now available at Amazon & other stores

In preparation for self-publishing my serial story later this year, I’ve set up accounts with Amazon and a few other retailers and distributors, and I went through the process of uploading my short stories. Now you can get a copy of these two stories at the following online retailers. (More locations to come as the books work their way through the distribution channels.)


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btnAmazon btnAllRomanceEbooks btnSmashwords
A Lesson in Truth is still available via my website and is now at Smashwords too.
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