Video I Love: Christian & Olli in Love

An oldie that reminds me of Grady and Mateo from I SWEAR TO YOU.

When Christian admits what he feels for Olli:

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Videos I Love: Pure joy, happiness, and love

I’m such a sucker for puppy cuteness. Throw in a guy being sweet and adorable with his dog, and I’m all melty. Here are three vids that fit the bill.

Siberian husky playing in leaves. Love the guy’s giggling too.


Boxer puppy laughing. Love me a man who loves his dog


Confused Boxer Puppy. Boxers have some of the best facial expressions

Video I Love: Anything for Love

What a beautiful video and an even more beautiful group of women.

If you can’t view the embedded file, you can watch it here: Anything for love


Video I Love: Marry Me

God I LOVE this one. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s so worth a few minutes of your time.

If you can’t see the embedded video, you can view here: marry me from elvisdifazio on Vimeo.

Video I Love: Don’t mess with Rose Nylund

Was browsing YouTube the other day and spotted this gem. One of my all-time favorite moments from The Golden Girls.

If the embedded video above doesn’t display, you can watch it on YouTube