Tentative Release Date & Description for I SWEAR TO YOU

Coming April 2014: I SWEAR TO YOU

My publisher has set a tentative release date for I SWEAR TO YOU: April 29, 2014. This may change as Loose Id sometimes needs to shuffle their schedule around for various reasons. You can sign-up for e-mail notices about new blog posts and/or to get a copy of my newsletter for an announcement when the book is released.

Draft Story Description: I SWEAR TO YOU

Since the night they kissed back in college, Grady has been fantasizing about his former “straight” roommate. Now that Grady’s finally ready for more with a guy, he heads to the local pride parade where he spots the man who’s been starring in all those fantasies. But Grady broke Mateo’s heart back in college when he refused to accept he might be gay, even after they spent an explosive night together. Mateo doesn’t trust him and takes off before Grady can even say hello. Tracking Mateo down proves nearly impossible. So what’s a horny gay virgin who wants only one man to do? He posts an ad online to encourage his friend out of hiding and into his bed. Once he gets Mateo between the sheets, he’s sure he can convince him that this is no college experiment. Only, Mateo’s been hiding from something. Or someone. Grady is determined to tear down all the walls between them so he can find out what happened to Mateo and help heal his wounds, and in the process just maybe show his best friend that he’s not going to run this time.

Grady and Mateo’s Song

Coming Soon I Swear To You

I’ve heard back from my publisher on I SWEAR TO YOU, and they love the final story!

So today I thought I’d share Grady and Mateo’s song. These lyrics are just about perfect for them.

“Arms” by Christina Perri on YouTube

I SWEAR TO YOU is off to my editor!

Sexy Gay Men Together

(c) painless / www.fotosearch.com Stock Photography

I’ve officially turned in my latest story, I SWEAR TO YOU, to my publisher. To celebrate I thought I’d share another teaser.

This is an unedited excerpt so please excuse any typos. I also can’t guarantee this will make it in the final version of the story.

The door rattled behind them with their movements. There was nothing slow or easy about the kiss, about the way they rocked against one another.

A primal need had erupted inside Grady, leaving him unable—and unwilling—to stop the desire blazing through him.

“Teo,” he said around a moan as Mateo kissed his way down his neck. “What are we doing?”

“Christ, Grady. I don’t know, but I don’t want it to stop.”

Fucking hell, he didn’t want it to stop either.

He wanted more, everything he had pretended he wasn’t picturing during their last few jerk-off sessions.

Mateo pulled back. He stared at Grady’s lips again, licked his own. “Fuck.” He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. Or maybe not. He propped a hand against the door beside Grady and leaned in once more.

Their mouths met again, and that was it. Grady gave himself over to the moment—over to Mateo.

No release date yet, but I’ll share more as soon as I have the details.

ETA: Here’s more info on I SWEAR TO YOU and how to get a copy of the book.

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Teaser from I SWEAR TO YOU

Grady and Mateo

(c) www.fotosearch.com Stock Photography

Please note: This is an unedited description and teaser. There’s always a chance something will get cut in the final publisher edits.

Genre: Contemporary M/M

Release Date: tentatively Spring 2014

Summary: I SWEAR TO YOU is a friends-to-lovers story about two “straight” college roommates who spend a weekend away together during their senior year exploring how far beyond friendship their feelings have grown. After that weekend, they go their separate ways, but eventually neither one can let go of the idea that maybe they really are gay and are meant to be together. It just takes one a little longer than the other to figure that out. But is he too late?

Mateo said nothing more for a while, just stared off into the dark, impenetrable water once again. When his second beer was almost gone, he said, “You know that thing we’ve been doing after your history class?”


With that one question, he was violating their unspoken agreement not to talk about it—about what they did every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when Grady got back to their dorm room.

So far those afternoons had been the best sexual experience of Grady’s life, and all he did was spend those few minutes touching only himself.