Behind the Stories: Research and Field Testing Story Details


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The “Behind the Stories” pages on my website have been updated for several of my books with a sample of research links for each story, new related blog posts, a short playlist for SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN, pictures of my organization-crazy scene board for HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, and a few tidbits about the writing of BREATHE, including why I smashed the toy car pictured above. You can check out all the new info at the links below:


Take Me Home

How to Save a Life

Something to Believe In

Checking in with the MORE boys: Writing MORE THAN MOST

SP_more_coverSmI’m working on the first draft of MORE THAN MOST (More #2) and thought I’d share some tidbits. Please note: some of this may get deleted in later revisions of the manuscript.

  • Richard was just surprised to find out someone he thought couldn’t stand him actually respected and admired him.
  • Several unexpected visitors have Richard waiting for Matthew to tell him the truth about what he wants.
  • I didn’t realize how much Luke would still count on non-verbal communication until I started writing this book. It’s a struggle for him to put things into words, but when he does, man he says a lot.
  • Matthew just brought up a topic neither Luke nor Richard were expecting. The poor boys are speechless.


Best typo of the day

He threaded his fingers through Mark’s eye.

Hmmmm perhaps I meant hair.


Blog Update and Other News

Well it took over a week longer than I’d hoped, but my blog is finally all set up at its new host. The existing content was copied to the new location, and it even looks like all of the email subscribers also transferred with the blog. So if you’re signed up to follow the posts via email, hopefully you’re seeing this in your inbox.


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I’m glad to be getting back to sharing news and other fun stuff.

Speaking of news. I finished drafting MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK parts 7 and 8, and I’ve got a good start on 9 and 10. I wanted to get all the details ironed out so I could make sure I worked in each of the threads I wanted to follow through on before the ending. I’ll start doing a final edit on part 7 shortly and get that up on my site as soon as I can, probably in the next couple of weeks. As with each installment, I have a few people that are going to look it over so I need to give them time to read through it and make comments. I’ll keep you posted on that.

I’m also still plugging away on the first draft of MORE THAN MOST (MORE #2). As soon as I get into more in depth revisions for that one, I’ll share a work-in-progress excerpt or two.

While I’m on the subject of book news, I wanted to send out a huge thank-you to everyone who picked up a copy of HOW TO SAVE A LIFE. Knowing there are readers out there who are interested in my stories is the best writing incentive, especially on the days when the words don’t flow easily and I’m staring at a blank page wondering where my characters have gone. The emails and other messages I’ve received about this book have also meant the world to me. Thank you!!

Hope you all have a good one!

Blog Move Announcement (for those of you receiving email notifications)

This week my blog will be moved to a new server. The move, unfortunately, is necessary because the content of my blog and my writing do not meet the “terms of use” requirements of my current hosting company (which I didn’t realize when I signed up with them). So we’re moving the blog to the same company that hosts my website. They’ve been great to work with for many years now and have never had an issue with what I post on my website.

What does that mean for you?
Any subscribers who are signed up to receive new posts via email (meaning you’re reading this post in your email right now) might have to sign up again. I won’t know for sure until after the move, which would mean it’ll be too late to let you know. If you stop getting posts in your email, please come back to the blog next week and sign up again using the form in the sidebar at (the sign-up form has been temporarily removed until after the move. You’ll know the blog has been moved if you see the form.)

Hopefully anyone reading this via the RSS feed will not lose the feed since that’s based on the address, and the blog address will remain the same:

If you no longer wish to follow the blog but would like to get updates on my new releases, you can sign up for my newsletter which is sent out no more than once a month.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope those of you following via email will stop back and sign up again if you notice you stop getting emails from my blog.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through the move!