New Year’s Kisses Party 2014

New Year's Kisses Party 2014

To help ring in the new year with loads of love, I’m participating in the New Year’s Kisses Party 2014 hosted by Kay Berrisford, Tara Lain, and Angel Payne. Over seventy romance and erotica authors are sharing kisses from their books and giving away some wonderful prize packages. The event runs from December 31st to January 2nd.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is answer the question after each kiss for a chance to win one of three massive selections of romance and erotica ebooks, plus gift cards, and more!

You can access all the “kisses” once they are posted at this page (that list will be updated throughout the event).

The full prize list includes titles from a slew of authors, including a copy of my latest MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK.

Good luck if you enter and Happy New Year, everyone!!

Friday Photos: Love is Love

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My Holiday Gift to You: IT SAYS LOVE

Three Word Scenario: It Says Love

As my free gift to readers this holiday season, I’ve written a new short story titled IT SAYS LOVE. It’s another one of my three-word scenarios, and it features Sean and Gavin from SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN. I hope you enjoy catching up with the boys.

Happy holidays to you and yours! I wish you many, many moments of love and joy in 2014 and beyond.



I reached for him and held his face in my hands. “Gavin, don’t you get it?”

He shook his head, searching my eyes. “I don’t think I ever will.”

Of course I had told him why before, told him how much he meant to me, how much having him with me every day we had lived on the streets was a salvation.

Maybe at this time of year, he’d always need the reminder.

I kissed him. “Everything you are…everything…that’s what I admire and respect about you. I was lost, and your strength and compassion saved me.”

He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t searching for a compliment.”

“I know.” I reached for his hands. “That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve one.” I backed up, pulling him toward the doorway that led to the living room. “You know what else you deserve?” I threw him a coy smile.

He stopped us under the archway. He stood there, staring at me for another long moment, like maybe he was letting the words I’d said really sink in for the first time.

Then he came at me and kissed me. Passionately. Hungrily. His hands landed on my ass, and he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him and held on, accepting another long kiss. His tongue met mine, and he plastered me against one wall of the arched doorway, the garland with the string of lights shimmering above us.

His mouth eagerly returned to mine again and again as he shifted ever so slightly forward and back, caressing my body with his without giving up any other contact.

“Gavin…” I threw my head back and arched into the touch of groin to groin, desperately wanting him inside me in a way that still surprised me after all this time of living together.

He gripped my ass tighter, bent his head, and nipped the skin at the base of my neck, and then he sucked on that one spot. He had to be leaving a mark.

“Oh God. Don’t stop.” I clutched at him, wishing we were naked, wishing his mouth could be on my lips right then too, on my cock, on my ass, on every inch of my body at the same time.

He swiped a soft kiss over my skin where he’d just been teasing with his tongue and teeth.

Another gentle brush of his lips, and all at once he stilled us, leaning into me. He wrapped his arms around me tighter, burying his face in my neck. “That Christmas when I met you… You were the best gift I could’ve ever asked for.”

First the letter and now…

It wasn’t often he said things like that, but when he did, it hit me square in the chest and made me love him all the more.

His lips met mine again, and he carried me to the living room. He laid me on the couch, threw off his clothes, and then he followed me down, pressing openmouthed kisses along my skin as he stripped away my clothes too.

Read the full story

M/M Romance Reader Appreciation Day & Giveaway, Saturday Dec 21st

The Sweet Spot

This Saturday, December 21st is our monthly Reader Appreciation Day at the Sweet Spot Yahoo Group. Stop by to enter the giveaway, read excerpts, and chat with authors of M/M romances. The giveaway runs from 8 am – 8 pm EST, and all you have to do to enter is reply to the message titled “RAD Giveaway: Reply for a chance to win.”

The following authors have generously donated these books or other prizes.

RAD_12_2013_Banner_01 RAD_12_2013_Banner_02 RAD_12_2013_Banner_03 RAD_12_2013_Banner_04 RAD_12_2013_Banner_05

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. If you haven’t already, join the Yahoo Group at
  2. On Saturday, December 21st watch the group page (or your email if you choose to receive emails from the group) for a message with instructions on how to enter. The subject of the post should read something like “RAD Giveaway: Reply for a chance to win”
  3. Reply to that message anytime between 8am and 8pm EST indicating you’d like to enter the giveaway.

That’s it. You’ll be added to the drawing for your chance at a random prize.

Complete List of Prizes & Donating Authors

Hope you can join us at The Sweet Spot Reader Appreciation Day.

Authors of m/m romances, if you’re interested in joining us for our next RAD, we’d love to have you. Send me an email and I’ll add you to our author contact list.

10 Reasons Why I LOVE this Writing Gig

Sloan Writing

(c) Sloan Parker, 2013


1. I find little sticky notes around the house that say things like “don’t forget the Superman underwear” and “move the BJ to the next chapter” and “are there too many blowjobs in the first half?”

2. I get to giggle at typos like “ass checks” and “coch rings” and “me nipples” and “he stopped the teasing of my dicks.” I mean, how many dicks does one man have?

3. When I’m really into a sex scene or romantic moment between my heroes, I get totally lost in the moment and forget every worry in my life or every horrible problem in the world, and the world shrinks to that one moment in time when everything’s beautiful and right.

4. I can stare out the window at the leaves blowing in the wind, at the swans peacefully gliding over the water, at the white snow falling down, and I’m still working. Because sometimes I have to stop typing and just daydream, or how else will I ever know what happens next?

5. Looking at my website stats gives me a good laugh when I see what keywords people have typed in to find my site. Stuff like “wild roommate scenarios” and “tumblr gay desert sex in cowboy boots” and “videos of a gay man ramming his pointy shoe up a man’s asshole.”

6. I get to spend my days with people who I love being around. (Okay, so they’re fictional people. I still really like hanging with them).

7. I can’t think of any other job where you can tell your boss, “I’m stuck on a problem and I gotta go for a walk so I can figure out how to get my character’s head out of his ass.”

8. I can write with a cat on my lap. They sorta frowned at that at my old job.

9. When a book is done, I can think back at that blank document it started out as (no story, no characters, no dialogue, nothing), then compare that to the final manuscript and feel really damn proud of the world I’ve created, with all the complexities and nuances that make it unique from any other story that’s been written before.

And my favorite…

10. Hearing from readers who were so drawn to the characters, so moved by the story I wrote, that they decided to take time out of their own busy lives to send me a note of thanks.

So thank you to every reader who’s contacted me, who’s tried one of my stories and liked them enough to keep on reading my work, who’s helped me make a go of this writing thing. All through my childhood I made up stories that were just for me–and my imaginary friend. You have no idea what it means to me that I get to share the characters and stories in my head with others. Thank you!