Authors: There’s still time to enter the 2013 Rainbow Awards


“The 2013 Elisa Rolle Rainbow Awards are an annual contest celebrating outstanding work in LGBT fiction and nonfiction. Hosted and owned by blogger Elisa Rolle, the contest is open to all authors of work containing LGBT fictional characters and work chronicling the true stories of LGBT persons.”the awards website

As both a past winner and judge, as well as a judge for this year’s awards, I can tell you that Elisa runs a very professional contest for writers of LGBT fiction. If you are an author, please consider submitting your book(s). After admin expenses, all remaining funds collected from the award entries will be donated to select LGBT non-profit charitable organizations.

You can read more about eligibility and how to enter at

Good luck!

Rainbow Awards 2013

Quote From My Life: Jizza Hut

Was planning to meet my parents for dinner at Pizza Hut the other night when my mom sent the following text…

See u @ 6 @jizza hut.

Not that I would mind going to jizza hut, but I really don’t want to meet my parents there.


Video I Love: Gay Love and Kisses

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M/M Reader Appreciation Day Giveaway, Saturday July 20th

This Saturday, July 20th is our monthly Reader Appreciation Day at the Sweet Spot Yahoo Group. Stop by to enter the giveaway, read excerpts, and chat with authors of M/M romances. The giveaway runs from 8 am – 8 pm EST.

The following authors have generously donated these books or other prizes.







Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

  1. If you haven’t already, join the Yahoo Group at
  2. Watch the group page (or your email if you choose to receive emails from the group) on Saturday, July 20th for a message with instructions on how to enter. The subject of the post should read something like “M/M Giveaway: Reply here for a chance to win”
  3. Reply to that message between 8am and 8pm EST indicating you’d like to enter the giveaway.

That’s it. You’ll be added to the drawing for your chance at a random prize.

Complete List of Prizes

  1. Tyler Robbins – ebook copy of winner’s choice: BEYOND HONOR, IMMORTAL THIRST or A BEAUTIFUL LIE
  2. Z.A. Maxfield – ebook copy of GRIME AND PUNISHMENT
  3. Tara Lain – ebook copy of winner’s choice of SPELL CAT or BRUSH WITH CATASTROPHE
  4. HL Holston – ebook copy of THE MOON’S DIRTY LIGHT by H.L. Holston & Eleanor Bruce
  5. Kendall McKenna – ebook copy of THE FINAL LINE and winner’s choice of a set of character dog tags
  6. Willa Okati – ebook copy of THE QUIET GAME (coming from Total-e-Bound in early August)
  7. Willa Okati – ebook copy of MIGHTY CASEY
  8. Angel Martinez – ebook copy of SUB ZERO
  9. Erica Pike – ebook copy of winner’s choice: A COLLEGE FUN AND GAYS ebook
  10. J.P. Bowie – ebook copy of winner’s choice from backlist
  11. Pender Mackie – ebook copy of WISHFUL THINKING
  12. Diana DeRicci – ebook copy of winner’s choice from backlist
  13. L.C. Chase – ebook copy of PICKUP MEN
  14. Marie Sexton – PDF copy of FLOWERS FOR HIM by Marie Sexton and Rowan Speedwell
  15. Z. Allora – ebook copy of SUBTLE INNUENDO
  16. L M Brown – ebook copy of winner’s choice of BETWEEN GOOD & EVIL (Heavenly Sins 2) or BETWEEN HEAVEN & HELL (Heavenly Sins 1)
  17. K. Z. Snow – ebook copy of MERMAN
  18. Vicktor Alexander – ebook copy of IMPOSSIBLE
  19. Michael Mandrake – ebook copy of winner’s choice from backlist and $5 gift card to Amazon
  20. Bella Leone – ebook copy of DOWNPOUR
  21. Jambrea Jo Jones – ebook copy of UNCONVENTIONAL ATLANTA
  22. Sloan Parker – winner’s choice of $15 or All Romance eBooks Gift Card
  23. S.J. Frost – ebook copy of winner’s choice from backlist

Hope you can join us at The Sweet Spot Reader Appreciation Day.

Authors of m/m romances, if you’re interested in joining us for our next RAD, we’d love to have you. Send me an email and I’ll add you to our author contact list.

Three-Word Scenario: My Roommate’s Surprise (A Coming Out Story)

3Word_2013JulI wrote another one of my three-word scenarios. For these, I take three random words and write whatever comes to mind, using each word at least once.

The three random words this time are voracious, hallmark, illustrious, and the piece is called My Roommate’s Surprise (A Coming Out Story). You can read it on my website or check it out below.


My Roommate’s Surprise (A Coming Out Story)
by Sloan Parker

“I’m gay.”

Two words from my college roommate, and I couldn’t blink, much less speak, or even keep my mouth from hanging open like I had a spontaneous, uncontrollable drooling problem.

I had lived with him for the past two years, and I’d had no idea.

I forced down a swallow. “You’re…”

“Gay.” He spoke the word slowly as if I might not understand what it meant.

What a laugh. Everyone had suspected I was gay long before I’d been certain of it myself. When I’d worked up the courage to tell my parents during Thanksgiving dinner four years ago, my mom exhaled a long breath like she’d been waiting for some horrible news instead, then said, “That’s not news to us, honey, and we are very proud of you. Please pass the mashed potatoes.”

So that was that. I was gay, and I’d been the last person in my life to realize it.

But Rex? The illustrious twenty-eight-year-old tattoo artist who, on a dare from a customer in his shop, filled out an application for Harvard, and when he was accepted, had decided to sell his shop and move to a dorm on campus so he could have the full “college experience.”

Did that mean he wanted to do the curious-college-gay-experiment thing too? Or was he really telling me he already liked to fuck guys?

Rex had always had a voracious appetite for women. And they for him. What with the tribal tattoos covering his upper body and a physique that had the art students begging him to drop his pants for their Nude Drawings course. He was always dating women. And fucking them.

Or so I’d thought.

Maybe I’d never really known him.

Maybe these past two years had all been an act.

He threw me his hallmark grin. The one that showcased the dimples, even though the dark stubble on his face. The one that came with the pointed look in his eyes that said he was about to tease me about my love of cock—which had been happening more and more often as of late.

I was beginning to get that I might’ve missed something about him after all.

This time he didn’t tease. He came to me, grabbed me by the back of the neck, then kissed me.

Not a slow, soft brush of lips, but a passionate, wild kiss that ended with me panting, sprawled out on my back across his bed, his body pressing into mine in all the right places.

He pulled back and gave me that grin again as he rubbed my cock through my jeans.

He’d definitely done this before.

“Yeah,” I said. “You’re gay.”

And for the next hour and a half he showed me just how gay.

Copyright (c) July 2013 by Sloan Parker

This short has now been revised and expanded into a longer story. It is now available in the e-book FRIENDS AND LOVERS.

Read more 3-word scenarios and other free fiction by Sloan Parker