Release Date for HOW TO SAVE A LIFE

I’m thrilled to share that HOW TO SAVE A LIFE has a release date of January 15, 2013. (All release dates at my publisher are tentative until closer to the date, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.)

I’ll be working with my editor on the final edits soon and am really looking forward to reading the book again. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had anything to do with Walter and Kevin. I’m going through withdrawal.

With all of my open projects, the rest of the year should be kind of crazy but in such a good way. Also coming up is the next installment of MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK and a short Christmas story.

You can read a description and unedited excerpt for HOW TO SAVE A LIFE at my website.

Video I Love: Baby Elephant Rescue

Such a cute vid. Great reunited scene at the end!

Video Source: YouTube. Read the full story.

Friday Photo: Retiring Part of My Writing Arsenal

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

I had to permanently retire my old keyboard and have sent it off to the tech recycling center. I wrote MORE, BREATHE, TAKE ME HOME, and several of my short stories on this one. Actually, if you look close you can see there were two of them. That’s how much I loved this keyboard. I would still be using it too, but one of them no longer worked and on the other some of the keys were sticking and others had completely stopped working. Hard to type a 100,000+ word manuscript with no “S” key.

Good-bye, old friend. Thanks for helping me tell my tales.

Quote I Love: What stirs your respect

On writing characters…

“It does not matter whether your intent is to portray someone real or someone heroic. To make either type matter to your readers, you need only find in your real human being what is strong, and in your strong human being what is real . . . How do you find the strong or human qualities in your protagonist? What will be most effective to portray? The answer to those lies in you, the author. What is forgivably human to you? What stirs your respect? That is where to start.”

Donald Maass, The Fire in Fiction

Friday Photo: Look at what I got in the mail

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

As a member of Romance Writers of America, I like to support the individual chapters who accept digital-first and digital-only books in their published author contests. Earlier this year, I entered Take Me Home in the Oklahoma RWA’s International Digital Awards. It won first place in the Contemporary Novel category, and I recently received this awesome plaque in the mail.

Huge thanks to the contest coordinators and judges for their time and efforts in running and judging such a professional contest, their tweets and other mentions of my book’s win, and for the beautiful personalized award. I love it!