Grammar Resources

I’ve been working on editing a draft of my first gay erotic romance and it has been a pretty intense process. I’ve spent time reading “how to” books (keeping what made sense and disregarding what didn’t work for me), studying grammar, and working on my own style. I’ve learned a lot about writing, about myself, and about the kind of writing I like to read vs. write.

Anyway, as a result of my research and studying, I’ve come across some various grammar sites that I thought I’d share. Some of these have been helpful in answering the tough questions or have provided me with an additional source to backup other resources.

Maybe they’ll help some of you.

If you have any other sites that you’ve found helpful, let me know via the contact form on my website. Thanks!!

Added (2/6/2009): check out the Links page to see all my grammar resource links. I’ll be adding new links to that page.