Update: Writing, rewriting, brainstorming & jello shots

Once a month I post a brief update on my writing projects. Here’s this week’s update …

Almost have the first draft of The Whiskey Sipper done. 2 1/2 scenes left to write. Based on some changes there’s about 4-5 scenes that’ll need rewrites since I made a major shift in the novel after the outline was done. But I’m really happy with the change and with the story. I’m sure I’ll be happy with the writing later. I never like a first draft or maybe not even a tenth draft. I tend to write, rewrite, rewrite, and repeat for days and days. It works for me. I think I upped the supsense plot and the conflict between Jake and Lincoln quite a bit. Even I wasn’t sure how they were going to end up together. Gotta love it when I throw crap at my characters.

This weekend, I went to my first brainstorming session with a group of local writers. There was drinking and talking and hysterical laughing and yes, mud-slide jello shots. I do believe one woman slid off her chair and laughed herself to the floor. But we also brainstormed a ton of great ideas. It was fun to bounce ideas off one another. And these people were highly creative!! I was impressed. I was leery of what such a session would be like, but I really enjoyed it. My creative energy got a surge. And not from the jello shots.

Thanks for stopping by,
Sloan Parker