Video I love: Boy’s Inspirational Touchdown

Once a week, I post a video I’ve seen recently that I’m loving. So here’s this week’s Video I love …

This video is good stuff. It’s the kind of thing that reinforces that there’s still kindness and love in the world. I must admit I was crying like a baby when I watched it the first time. They gave up the shutout so he could score a touchdown. How cool is that? I’d like to believe the kids on the other team were in on the decision. It’s not always about getting the most points, but rather being the best you can. And in this case, their best was to let this kid have his moment. Anyway, I loved this video.

<<embedded video below>>

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Sloan Parker

2 thoughts on “Video I love: Boy’s Inspirational Touchdown

  1. So glad you liked it, Connie. I think it was Jim who posted the link on Twitter a few weeks ago. Just loved the story!

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