Happily Ever After? A Requirement in Love Stories?

Once a week I post about something I’m loving (tv, movies, books, art, photos, romances, authors, or anything else). So here is this week’s For the Love of…

I love intense drama in the fiction I read and write. I love emotional and physical conflict. I love when characters suffer. I like to “watch” them squirm (both in and out of the bedroom). Yeah, I’m evil like that. ;-)

I want to experience their journey as they build themselves back up, stronger than ever. I like a love story where the characters help each other find peace and happiness–help each other become who each is meant to be.

And in the end? I want the happy ending. I want to go along for the ride on their emotional journey and feel that peace myself. To be reminded that even when the world around us can really suck, those moments of love and happiness make the journey worth living.

Yep, I’m a sap. How about you? Do you only read love stories with happy endings?

Sloan Parker

Quote I Love: Helen Keller

Once a week I post a quote I love. It may be related to writing, inspiration, lgbt issues, my own life, or anything else that interests me. So here’s this week’s Quote I Love…

“When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”

Helen Keller

I’ve seen this quote many times over the years, and I still love it. This woman always amazed me. Nothing held her back. We should all be so brave and bold.

Video I Love: The Magnificent Seven

Once a week, I post a video I’m loving. So here’s this week’s Video I Love…

I just finished re-watching both seasons of The Magnificent Seven TV series on DVD, so I thought I would share a video. This series ran from 1998 to 2000 and was inspired by the film of the same name.

This show was a fav of mine back in the day. Gorgeous men willing to put their lives on the line to save innocent people…and each other. So much slashy goodness. The one and only fan fiction slash I’ve ever read (about any characters) was a short love scene between Ezra and Vin. I can’t recall who write it, but it was delicious.

Enjoy the video. It’s a compilation of Vin, Ezra, and Buck set to “Blaze of Glory” by Jon Bon Jovi. It’s a bit long and the quality’s not the best, but the guys are still great to watch.

(embedded video below)

Anyone else watch the show? Who was your favorite pairing? Come on, I know you all had dreams about these guys. Share.

Sloan Parker

Donate a blog post day: Stop the Hate

No regular post today. Instead, I’m donating my scheduled blog post to a non-profit organization – one I think is worthy of attention from anyone interested in making the world a better place. So here’s my pick for “donate a blog post day.” Please take a look.

“Stop The Hate is dedicated to provide the necessary resources and educational training to combat hate on college campuses; and to actively seek partnerships and collaboration among various organizations with similar concerns to address bias and hate behaviors.”

“Stop The Hate is owned and operated by Campus Pride, the leading national nonprofit 501(c)3 for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students across the United States.”

Check out their site for information on how to stop the hate, become a trainer, empower your campus, volunteer, and more. www.stophate.org

Thanks for stopping by,
Sloan Parker

Quote I love: Short and sweet but says so much

Once a week, I post a quote that I’ve read/heard recently. So here’s this week’s Quote I Love…

I’m in a romantic mood this week, so here’s one of my favorite quotes about love.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

I hope you all have or find the other half of your soul.
Sloan Parker