Video I Love: Sensual First Time

Once a week I post a video I’m loving. Here’s this week’s…

I was in the mood to share something sensual today. This is the kind of visual that inspires. I believe this is from an Argentinian soap. Characters are Manuel & Lalo.

Video embedded above. If you can’t view, please try the original blog post.

If anyone has watched the show feel free to post a comment and let everyone know what you thought of it.


4 thoughts on “Video I Love: Sensual First Time

  1. Is it a bad thing that I watched this like 4 times? *snort* This was amazingly sensual Sloan…..Have a wonderful day

    • ElaineG – Not at all. I watched it several times myself. It was definitely one that needs to be appreciated. Hope you’re having a wonderful day too.

  2. Oh wow… that is increibly powerful and yeah, I can so easily see watching it regularly.

    It’s beautiful and so amazingly sensual without being at all over done.
    Heck Sloan… you sure do know where to find the good stuff!

    By the way, I’m stealing the link… all I have to do now is figure out away to have it play over and over for me.

  3. Hey Kathy! So glad you enjoyed it. It’s one I could watch again and again that’s for sure. I think it was shared on one of the yahoo groups I belong to. I know there’s quite a following from some of the international soaps with gay characters. I only wish I had more time to watch the entire storyline.

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