Video I Love: Rainbow Orgasm

This guy is either on something or really needs a date. Be careful of your speaker volume or people will think you’re watching porn at one point. The rainbows are cool, though. Just not THAT cool.

Video embedded above. If you can’t view, try the original blog post.

Hope it gave you a laugh.

4 thoughts on “Video I Love: Rainbow Orgasm

  1. Ummmm….well, okie dokie, isn’t he just a happy camper? The rainbows were cool….didn’t know anyone could be “that* excited about em :)

  2. The rainbows are beautiful, but the ‘narrator’ sounds like Meg Ryan in that famous ‘faking an orgasm’ scene.

    He’s got to be stoned or something…

  3. Hi Elaine. Happy camper, indeed. Maybe he lives out there all alone and never talks to other people. All he’s got is the rainbows.

    Hey Arlene. Oh yeah, he definitely sounds like Meg Ryan. Totally tripping or something, especially when he starts crying. LOL.

  4. So funny! Nathan Bransford had this on his blog today also. (Maybe he saw your blog?) Wonder how many pots of gold there were?

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