Video I Love: The Animal Odd Couple

This is an older story, but I just saw it last week for the first time and wanted to share. I dare you not to cry. Go on, watch it and try…

Video embedded above. If you can’t view, try the original blog post.

Wasn’t it great?

6 thoughts on “Video I Love: The Animal Odd Couple

  1. “….they harbor no fear, no secrets, no prejudices.”

    Animals and children have it right….we mess it up as adults though don’t we?

  2. Always love these kinds of stories. Thanks for sharing. Seeing that animals have more emotions than we’re used to thinking, I’m going to have to analyze my cat’s behavior more. She seems to be leaving me little spite balls on the floor.

    • Aw, Leigh. That’s just your cats way of saying she loves you. She sees you sitting in front of your computer for too long and wants to give you some exercise.

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