Quote I Love: A Reunion

For this week’s quote, here’s another one from a gay romance, Bareback by Chris Owen.

Jake didn’t bother stopping the sob that welled up as he moved into Tor’s arms. It was awkward as they tried to arrange themselves without actually giving up any contact.

Jake didn’t care.

He was more or less leaning over Tor, his weight braced on one arm as he tried not to fall off the bed, and it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Tor had one hand tangled in his hair, and the other was on his hip, pulling him down, drawing him closer. Their first kiss was fierce, possessive.

From Bareback by Chris Owen

You can check out this title and other work by Chris Owen at www.chrisowen.net

6 thoughts on “Quote I Love: A Reunion

  1. One of my first m/m books too Sloan! And boy, did I get hooked! Started a teeny tiny obsession, as I haven’t been able to stop buying and reading m/m since. I also re-read Bareback quite often it is that good!

    • Hi Elaine. Just a teeny tiny obsession, huh? I’m right there with you. I’ve been writing for a lot of years now, but it wasn’t until I started to read and write m/m that I found my true passion. Guess I got caught on that same hook with you.

  2. Sloan…I have a bone to pick with you…You HAVE to stop recommending enticing books like this series or I will NEVER finish “Wolves!” You know me so well…yeah…I bought and downloaded all three yesterday. I was afraid I’d read one and think…ARRRRGGGG! I want to know what happens now! which i would have. I’m about 1/3 of the way thru the first one. Seriously though, Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Arlene. Glad you found something new to distract…er, I mean read. What’s the third one you purchased? I only read two with these characters.

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