Sloan’s Writing Update

Happy Friday! Boy, this was a long week, but I made some wonderful discoveries on one of my stories so I’m feeling good (even if I’m a bit exhausted as I head into the weekend. It’s a good kind of exhausted.) I thought it was time to post an update on my writing progress:

  1. My new Friends-to-Lovers Story I still don’t have a title for this one. The outline is complete and the rough draft is at 45,000 words. I’m planning (or shall I say hoping) for this one to end up around 70-80,000 words (quite a bit shorter than my other two novels). As it stands now, it’s got a lot of sexual tension, a minor suspense thread (not even sure I’d call it suspense, but I’ll see how it turns out), and is the fastest I’ve written anything so far. I’m really excited with what I’m coming up with that wasn’t even in the original outline.
  2. Walter’s Story This one features Walter Simon from MORE, although it’s a stand-alone story that does not require the reader to have read More. It’s a full-on erotic suspense, and the first draft is currently at 31,000 words. I’ve been taking a short break from it while I flush out the draft for my friends story, then I’ll be back to Walter’s. I had a tentative title, but there is already another Loose Id book with that title, so I’m rethinking it.
  3. Breathe The final edits have been completed for BREATHE. Last I heard, we were still on schedule for a November 16 release at Loose Id. I’ll be posting an excerpt to my site this weekend. When I do, I’ll post a link here on the blog too.
  4. Short Stories  For anyone who may have missed it, I posted a free short story to my website. It’s titled “A Lesson in Truth“. It’s an erotic m/m romance featuring graduate student David and his advisor Michael as they discuss their future during a late night in Michael’s office.I’ve also completed another short titled “The Break In.” I’m either going to post it as a freebie or expand it a bit and submit to some of the epubs that take shorts. I’ll let you know when I decide for sure.
  5. More MORE Books Two additional stories for the guys of MORE are in the planning stages, but I’m not currently working on those.

I’m hoping to have either my friends story or Walter’s ready to go during the first half of 2011, and the other finished later in the year. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Sloan

2 thoughts on “Sloan’s Writing Update

  1. Wow Sloan! I turn off my computer for a few days and what do I get when I turn it back on? lotsa Sloan updates, that I absolutely can’t wait for…is it the 16th yet? no? dammit, have to wait lol! Sounds like you have been a very busy girl…thanks for sharing the “what’s going on” list….gives me more to look forward to…I am excited about Breathe…and looking forward to Walter’s story…and…and…and….everything else you are working on too *grins*….yay!

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