What is about a man with a baby? Or playing with a dog?

Was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy last night when I saw the episode that resulted in this image:

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How cute are they? Seriously. Makes me smile every damn time I  look at it. Also makes me feel something else all together. *sigh*

When I first saw the scene I had two reactions…1) I think my uterus skipped a beat (despite by plans on having no children) and 2) what is it about women and seeing a guy with a baby? Then one of the characters on the show brought up that same topic about men with babies (or men with dogs) and how appealing that image is for most women.

So I’m curious what you guys think. Why is it women find a guy with a baby so damn sexy? Is it pure biology working there? And is it just women? Do any gay men find other men with babies just as damn sexy as many women do? Or how about a guy with a dog? And are there any women out there who don’t find they are “inspired” by a guy holding a baby?

I’m curious…what do you guys think?

6 thoughts on “What is about a man with a baby? Or playing with a dog?

  1. A man with a baby represents someone who is loving, nurturing, open, not afraid to be vulnerable, in touch with his feelings. It’s someone I’m drawn to because there is an automatic feeling of him being trustworthy, capable, not afraid of a challenge…..etc., etc, etc.

  2. Yeah, what Lena said.

    But also I think there is something in the innocence of the child (or dog) and protectiveness of the male…all that lovely caveman stuff we want to forget is in our genes. Probably one of the reasons we women seem to be drawn to the alpha male.

    That is a sweet picture.

  3. @Lena: Great explanation! No matter how “alpha” he is, we can see the other side of him when he’s with a child.

    @Raelyn: So true. I think when you see a man with a baby he obviously loves, you know he’ll do anything to protect that child. There’s something incredibly powerful about that image.

  4. Hi Sloan,
    I deliver babies for a living so I get to see men literally change before my eyes. When they first lay eyes on their child, their whole aura changes and I think that is what women see when a man has a child in his arms. They see one of the best ways a man can be. I also believe this holds true for women as well. I can be in an awful mood and all it takes is to see a baby and my whole attitude changes. Especially with all the babies I get to see :-). No matter what….babies and puppies are so flippin’ cute, you just want to squeeze them!

    Great pic!

    • Hi Kelley. What a great thing to get to witness with your job. I’m the same way when I’m in a bad mood. A baby or a puppy or seeing one of my cats just sleeping all curled up can change my entire mood. Something about their vulnerability and innocence or the fact that they’re just so darn cute.

  5. Speaking of new babies and fathers, I thought T. J. Thyne did an awesome job on Bones. The look on his face when the doc brought the baby over fits exactly what you were saying, Kelley.

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