Quote I Love: Proof of Life

Occasionally for one of my quotes on the blog I share a favorite line or short excerpt from the work of another author of m/m romances.

Today’s quote is from K. A. Mitchell’s Regularly Scheduled Life, a moving story about life and love after tragedy. This scene takes place after Sean is injured in a shooting at the school where he teaches.

Sean nodded, and then they were alone for the first time.

Kyle squeezed Sean’s hand. “You fucking idiot.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Tears burned the back of Kyle’s throat. All through the anger and fear he’d managed to hold on, but the relief, the heart-stopping simple fucking joy that Sean was still here with him was enough to drain the strength out of him. He put his head on Sean’s chest, cheek finding heat through the thin gown. The smell was all wrong, laced with disinfectant and blood, but the warmth was enough. Proof of life.

– Regularly Scheduled Life by K. A. Mitchell

You can read more about this and other books by K. A. Mitchell at www.kamitchell.com