Video I Love: The Tug Toner

This one is somewhat “not safe for work.”

9 thoughts on “Video I Love: The Tug Toner

    • jayhjay: I thought so too. I remember first seeing the Shake Weight and waiting to find out it was fake. Who thinks up this stuff? And who thinks up the promos for them?

      Raelyn: Glad it gave you a laugh too.

  1. Apparently I need to watch late night tv, cause I had NO idea this kinda stuff was out there….*snort*

    • LOL @Elaine! The original Shake Weight commercial was very suggestive, even without the tug toner. My writing group had a good laugh about it at one of our brainstorming sessions.

  2. If you want some fun, google Ellen and the shake weight. She did a bit on it when it it first came out and her facial expressions are a riot.

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