Writing Update: One Story’s Journey

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Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I took an unplanned/unexpected sabbatical from blogging. I’ve been slammed recently with non-writing work and family obligations, but when I did get to work on my writing, I rocked it on Walter’s story. I figured an update on my progress was long overdue.

And progress is exactly what I’m making with Walter and Kevin’s book. I’m writing every day again and finding a groove with this story that feels really good.

Which is nice because this book has been through such a long journey already. Here’s the path of its life so far:

  1. Brainstormed story ideas (started in 2010).
  2. Created character sketches/story outline.
  3. Wrote synopsis.
  4. Took a break to work on synopses and outlines for Richard’s and Matthew’s books (from More)
  5. Submitted all 3 synopses to my publisher.
  6. Worked on another project while I waited for feedback on which book they’d prefer to see next.
  7. Received feedback.
  8. Revised story outline & character sketches based on publisher’s suggestion to remove one story element.
  9. Worked on rough draft.
  10. Had inspiration for a new story, so I put Walter and Kevin’s aside to create proposal since Christmas stories were being considered at my publisher. After receiving approval, I wrote and revised Take Me Home.
  11. Back to Walter and Kevin’s story. Worked on completing rough draft.
  12. Had to take a break to work on edits from my editor for Take Me Home.
  13. Back to Walter and Kevin’s story. Completed revisions of first seven chapters.
  14. Decided to make several major changes to the story (scenes deleted and new scenes added). Reviewed entire manuscript and worked in changes.
  15. Completed revisions of first ten chapters (as of today).

This story is nothing like it started out as, and yet, it’s becoming more of what I had envisioned in the first place. I cannot tell you how much I love the conversations and interactions between Walter and the much younger Kevin.

This book may not have had the quickest path to publication, but I am really happy with what I’ve got on the page now.

I’ve also worked on revisions to part four of Mark and Scott’s story, the serial novel More Than Just a Good Book. I need to review a few more times, and then send to my critique partner. I’ll announce when it’s ready for you to read on the blog and in my newsletter.

So that’s where I’m at this week. Thanks for listening!

6 thoughts on “Writing Update: One Story’s Journey

  1. I am glad the story is coming back around to where you wanted it in the first place. I am so excited for it to be ready. You know I loved More and I LOVE a good older/younger man story. Yeah!

    • Thanks, jayhjay!! I sure hope you’ll enjoy these two together. The boys from More make an appearance too. Or at least they do as it stands the way I have it written now. LOL

  2. Yay! I loved this insight into what, exactly, it takes to write a book. I know each author has a different pace or plan or schedule, but this really gave me the big picture so to speak. All I know is that when I read a book I love, I give the author props, and now I know even MORE KUDOS are deserved. Labor of Love takes on a whole new meaning, cause MAN are you authors patient…which means as a reader I should be too lol! After having said that, and reading the story’s journey? I really am looking forward to Walter’s story even more *grins* (and again, I will probably always call it Walter’s Story, no matter what the title eventually becomes *grins*)

    • Thanks so much, ElaineG. Glad you found it interesting and that you’re looking forward to Walter’s story even more (I think I’ll always refer to it as Walter’s story too). I should probably do an updated post once I’ve submitted this one and it’s gone through the editing process with my publisher because, man, that will add a lot of steps. Not that I’m complaining. I’m very grateful for the rigorous editing process at Loose Id, which I’ve also learned a lot from. I just think it would be neat to share with readers how a manuscript becomes an ebook.

  3. Really looking forward to Walter’s story. I have a very BIG soft spot for older/younger man, hmm. Anyway, I could not be a writer, never wanted to be, too much patience and creativity invovled.

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