Never Laugh at a Cheesy Catalog until You’ve Seen Every Last Item

Lately I’ve gotten a huge influx of mail-order catalogs. The kind with bizarre items you can’t believe someone thought up, let alone had made into an actual product.

Rosie has this silly and adorable habit of paging through those catalogs and giggling as she finds gem after gem.

Like this…it’s called the Butt Putt.

Image source

Can you believe that name? And to top that off, it farts when you sink the ball in the hole.

So, there’s my sweetie sitting on the couch, turning pages, laughing, and showing me item after item while I was trying to read my email. Good thing I find her laugh infectious and her 12-year-old-boy humor cute.

Then she stopped laughing and said, “Oh, that’s kinda cool.”

I was scared.

Seriously scared.

I didn’t want to end up with some sort of farting alarm clock.

Then she showed me this…

Image source

And she was right, it was kinda cool. Of all the things I’ve looked at to hold my Kindle while I read in bed, I think this one looks like it might be both useful and comfy.

Anyone have anything like this? Or something similar you can recommend? I’m not sure I can bring myself to order from the catalog with the Butt Putt.

Ah, maybe I will.


12 thoughts on “Never Laugh at a Cheesy Catalog until You’ve Seen Every Last Item

  1. LOL, I can understand your fear! But that does look pretty cool. I have an ancient wire thing that I’ll use to prop a book open while I’m doing research but not for fiction reading. You’ll have to let us know how it works for you :)

  2. I have a book pillow thingy that works better for paper books than for an ereader – if you Google ReadUpon, you’ll probably end up at my blog. So I’ve been considering one of those pyramidy ones – right now I’m holding a pillow on my lap.

    Oh, and you made linkity for that first item… :)

    • Yep, Chris, just googled it and your blog was #2. The ReadUpon looks really neat. Much better than the actual pillow I’ve been trying to use for years or the bean bag lap desk that doesn’t really offer a good angle. I am completely impressed that you can knit and read. Kudos to you! Very cool skill to have taught yourself.

      Yay, the butt putt made linkity!

  3. I think you should order it. Then you’ll be added to all kinds of other catalog mailing lists with even cooler stuff. Life needs laughter, Sloan.

    • Thanks, Shay. Not sure if that’s good incentive for getting me to buy it or not. I don’t think my sweetie needs more catalogs to laugh at, but I do enjoy her laughter. Very true about life.

    • Oh man, Jen, that one looks great!! Thank you, thank you!! I think my sweetie might like that for her tablet too.

      And yeah, I just checked Amazon. They have the butt putt. Prime shipping too. :)

  4. Ha! We love a good potty joke here at my house as well. Although you’re right – it’s one thing to think of an idea and totally another to go out and make it.

    I love and want the magic e-reader/book pyramid!!

    • Hi Ayda. Laughing together is one of the great parts of being a family. Potty jokes can help with that. :) Isn’t that pyramid thing kinda cool? Although I’m seriously considering the one Jen linked to her in comments. Decisions…decisions…

  5. Wow! Butt Putt + Prime Shipping = A Good Day!!!

    My only problem with all of the ereader/book stands is I don’t know where to put the darn things when I’m not using them. They are space hogs.

    • “Wow! Butt Putt + Prime Shipping = A Good Day” LOL!!

      Great point, Jen. Honestly, that’s why I put off buying stuff like this. I want to be sure it’s really something I’m going to get a lot of use out of before I have to find a place to store another purchase. We’ve been purging our house and it’s getting all nice and tidy. I don’t want to buy more stuff I barely use that just sits around. I’m all about less is more lately.

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