Short Blogging Hiatus

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m taking a short break from blogging while I wrap up the manuscript for How to Save a Life and get it sent in to my editor. I’m at the stage where I like to read it in large chunks several times through to check the overall consistency and look for any plot holes. At over 100,000 words that takes some time. I’ll post whenever I have some news to share and will be back to more regular blogging of the fun stuff I love sharing with you guys soon.


4 thoughts on “Short Blogging Hiatus

  1. You are giddy and I am frightfully excited…cause this means we are just THAT much closer to Walter’s Story….I know, I know, it’s actually got a title How To Save a Life…..but I told ya I’d always call it Walter’s Story *winks*. Good luck with the read-through, I am pretty sure it’s gonna go well, I happen to know the author is made of awesome :)

    • Elaine: No worries. I still call it Walter’s story. Thanks for the good luck and the confidence in my abilities. That means a lot. I’ll probably end up reading it about four more times because I love layering in more emotion and tension and heat and tightening the dialogue and…can you tell I love this part?

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