Thank you, thank you!! How to Save a Life a Bestseller

To all my readers, a huge thank-you for helping HOW TO SAVE A LIFE reach the Top 10 Bestseller’s list (currently #4) at All Romance eBooks and the Gay & Lesbian Romance Bestseller list at Amazon (top location spotted was #4). My first novel MORE has even reappeared as a bestseller (#2 in Gay & Lesbian Erotica at Amazon). THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

Also, thank you for all the recent emails and other messages about the book. Hearing from readers means a great deal to me, and your words of appreciation and encouragement seriously help me through the tougher writing days. I’m thrilled so many of you are enjoying Walter and Kevin’s story.

All my thanks,


4 thoughts on “Thank you, thank you!! How to Save a Life a Bestseller

  1. Well deserved! So happy for you, Sloan. I loved HTSAL and will shout it loud and clear. I always love MORE. – Richard…need I say anything else? :)

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