Sloan’s Favorites: My Fave M/M “Dad, meet my boyfriend” Scene

Here’s another selection in my “Favorite Scenes” series. It’s from MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK.

Why I chose this excerpt: The relationship between Scott and his father was a special part of this story for me. I wanted to show that the most important man in Scott’s life had always been his dad. Until he met Mark. His dad and Mark could’ve ended up fighting over Scott’s attention, but that wasn’t the kind of man I wanted his father to be. When I was writing the scene below, I knew that a dad who so deeply loved and cared for his son could’ve attacked Mark as soon as he saw those bruises, before listening to Scott. But Scott’s dad was the kind of man who typically listened first, then reacted. I love how this scene showcases that. Of course his dad wants to immediately take Scott out of the situation, but he also stops to find out the truth, find out what his son wants and how he feels about it.

Please note: Amazon currently has this title listed as part of the MORE series. It is not. We’re working with Amazon to get that information corrected. 


“Your roommates said you’d moved out. Owen at the coffee shop told me where to find this place.” He threw a heated look Mark’s way. “I’m guessing it was your idea that my son lie to me?”

“No,” Scott said. “Dad, I—”

“Not telling me you’re living with someone is lying. The kind of man who encourages you to lie to me is not good enough for you.”

It wasn’t hard to miss the clench of Mark’s jaw. He didn’t react, though. His voice was neutral when he said, “I should go put on some clothes.”

“Yeah, you do that.” Scott’s dad turned his back on Mark.

Mark gave Scott a look, part apology, part worry, part support, then headed for his bedroom.

After the bedroom door shut, his dad opened his mouth as if to say something else but gasped instead. He gripped Scott by the elbows and held his arms up, examining one wrist, then the other. The slight bruising was almost gone, but it was still obvious enough, even in the low light of the candles. And with the way the marks had faded, they looked like fingerprints wrapped around Scott’s arms.

“Did he do this to you?”

“It’s not—”

“Go get your things, Scott. You’re not staying here.”

A flash of lightning lit up the room, immediately followed by a crack of thunder that tore through the small apartment.

Scott stood frozen in place. He’d never heard his dad sound so pissed off.

“Dad, it’s nothing.”

“Nothing?” He reached for Scott’s arm again. “He’s hurting you.”

“No!” Scott kept his gaze locked on the floor. He so didn’t want to explain this. “Please don’t ask.” That was when the lights decided to turn back on. Perfect timing. Out of the corner of his eye, Scott could see his dad intensely watching him.

“Is he hurting you?”

Scott shook his head.

“Is someone else?”

“No.” He crossed the room and dropped onto the couch. His still-heated ass stung with the action. He held back the wince.

His dad came to sit next to him. “What happened?” He examined Scott’s wrists again, more closely this time. “This is from being tied up.”

“Please. Can we just drop it? You’re my dad.”

“That’s why I have to know.”

“But it’s embarrassing talking about this with you.”

“I’m sorry about that, but we are not going to drop it. Mark did this to you?”

Oh God. What was he supposed to say?

“He ties you up?”

Scott nodded.

His dad didn’t say anything more right away. Hopefully he’d decided to let the completely embarrassing conversation go.

Or not.

More softly he asked, “It’s something you want him to do?”

Yet again, Scott couldn’t find the words.

“I have to know, Scott. Is this from him doing something you wanted?”


“It’s something you enjoy?”

There was no getting out of admitting the truth. He swallowed, then spoke again in a rush. “Yes.”

“Does he hit you?”

He could still feel the warm sting of Mark’s hand on him. He searched for the right words. “He doesn’t hurt me.” He dropped his head and buried his face in his hands. His next words were muffled. “Can we not talk about this?”

There was a long pause, and then his dad said, “It’s okay.” He ran a comforting hand over Scott’s back, then sank back farther on the couch. “In fact, your mother liked that sort of thing.”

“Dad!” Scott lifted his head but still couldn’t face him.

“Oh, I forgot. Parents don’t have sex.” He could tell his dad was smiling now. “She was a wonderful person. Having a lot in common with her is not a bad thing.”

“I know.” He always loved when his dad compared him to her. He wouldn’t let what they were talking about change that reaction.

“I should’ve guessed when I saw those marks. She bruised easily like you. It’s just… I worry about you.”

“Mark is a really good guy. He cares about me.”

“I can see that.”

Scott looked at his dad for the first time since moving to the couch. He was staring off toward the end of the hallway.

Mark stood there, now fully dressed, concern evident in the confused expression on his face. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Scott tried to keep his voice even, despite the awkwardness of the moment. “Everything’s fine.”

Mark nodded. “Okay. I’ll let you two talk.” He hesitated like it was taking all his effort to walk away. He gave Scott another nod and headed back down the hall for his room.

After the door closed, his dad said, “I trust you. I trust your judgment. But I need you to promise me one thing. That you’ll never let him or anyone else do something you don’t want. No matter what you feel for him. And if it becomes too much, if it’s changing into something you don’t want and you don’t know how to walk away, you’ll come talk to me.”

“I promise. Can we not talk about this anymore?”

(c) Sloan Parker, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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Quote From My Life: Jizza Hut

Was planning to meet my parents for dinner at Pizza Hut the other night when my mom sent the following text…

See u @ 6 @jizza hut.

Not that I would mind going to jizza hut, but I really don’t want to meet my parents there.


Quote From My Life: It’s parental help desk time again! - Mom, step away from the computer...

Mom was having trouble signing into her computer. She called me for help and this was the explanation I received in her most serious tone.

“The password box is there and the little cursor is cursing, but I can’t type anything!”

Thank God a reboot fixed the issue. Because I couldn’t say anything for several minutes while I just laughed at her cursing cursor.

I do appreciate the little laugh-filled breaks my parents offer on the days when I’m locked in the writing cave.

(Blog note: Starting next week I’m going to be changing my blog schedule to Wednesdays and Fridays. Actually I shouldn’t call it a schedule. I don’t stress over making sure I post every so often since writing my fiction is my main priority every week, but I have fun with the blog so I like having specific days on my schedule as a reminder to post. Also, for those of you on email subscriptions, I switched to a new email RSS service called MailChimp. Anyone previously signed up to receive the blog posts via email through Google Feedburner or WordPress have been automatically transferred to the new service. Hopefully no one is getting duplicate posts in your email, but if you are, you can always unsubscribe from one of them using the link in the email. The MailChimp version is the new one you’d want to keep. If anyone else would like to sign up to receive these posts by email, you can use the form on the homepage of my website. There’s also one there for  my newsletter.)


Friday Photo: My Parents Came to Pride!

Last month I attended a late summer pride event. It was such a fun day with fellow authors SJ Frost, Hank Edwards, Jax Steele, and Deanna Wadsworth (who organized everything for us). One of the best parts of the day: my parents stopped by. I was so proud of them. Not only did they come by our booth, but they also walked all around the event, looking at the various booths and collecting freebies along the way.

They love me and my partner, but they’re not PFLAG people. They don’t wear rainbow gear and march in parades (they’re quiet, introverts like me). I even had to explain to mom what Pride was. So I was elated they came. They even tried to win a free book at our booth, and my mom picked up one of my CDs. I heard her whisper to my dad as she held up the CD, “This is the only way I’ll get to read her books.” Which is funny because previously she had made it sound like she had no interest in reading the “sexy stuff.”

I’m fairly certain she doesn’t get how “sexy” we’re talking about here. Uh-oh.

I’m thinking she probably put the CD in, clicked on my short story MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK, got to the rimming scene, and promptly closed the laptop lid. But hey, THEY CAME TO PRIDE!!

And looky, I even have a picture to prove it.

(c) Sloan Parker 2012

Uh-oh Dad’s Downloading More Books On His Kindle

(c) istockphoto, Adriana3d 2011

Non-techie Dad called again for help with his Kindle. If you recall, I’ve mentioned his issues before. This time he hadn’t even started downloading the book yet. Guess he wanted to be on the phone with me IN CASE he had issues. Which he did. Here’s how it went…

He says he’s all ready to download the book…

Me: “When the next box pops up, go ahead and click Save.”

Dad: “Okay, I clicked to download it. Do I click Save?”

Me: “Yes, click Save.”

Dad: “Okay. I think I’ve got it. Let me put it on my Kindle and I’ll call you back.”


Dad: “I can’t find the book on my computer.”

Me: “Where did you save it when you clicked Save?”

Dad: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Okay, let’s do a search.” I told him the steps to perform a search for all the kindle files on his laptop (he hasn’t read that many so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the new one). Once he had the search window up, I told him what to type. He had to key in 5 characters.

Dad: “Hold on, I have to use both hands.” I heard him set the phone down and press the five keys with a long pause between each one. He picked up the phone again. “It’s searching.”

Me: “What did it find?”

Dad: “Just the books I’ve already read.” He proceeded to read me everything he could see about the files. The names, the dates saved, even the file sizes. “172 KB, whatever that means.”

Me: “But not the book you want to read?”

Dad: “No.”

Turns out he had selected the Adobe file, not the Kindle option that takes you through Amazon to borrow a book. So he had to do it all over again.

When he was ready to download the correct file…

Me: “When the dialog box comes up, click Save.”

Dad: “Okay.” Long pause. “I clicked to download it. Okay, a box comes up, do I click Save or Find?”

In my head: Save, save, for the love of God, click SAVE.

He cracks me up!!