New Cover for Trade Paperback Release of How to Save a Life

Here’s a mock-up preview for the upcoming trade paperback version of HOW TO SAVE A LIFE.

How to Save a Life Cover Flat


I’ve got the proof copy in hand and will be going through it shortly to do a final check. It’ll be available for order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, CreateSpace, and others starting in October. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for the various retailers to get it added to their catalogs.


Proof Copy

And just for fun, here’s a snippet from one of my favorite moments in the book…

Walter sucked in a deep breath, and the embrace turned fierce, like he wasn’t sure he could ever let go. He whispered, “I never thought I’d be here.”


Walter threaded a hand through the wet strands at the back of Kevin’s hair. “More afraid of losing someone than I’ve ever been. Wanting and needing someone more than…anyone.”

Kevin kept his arms wrapped around Walter, sweeping his palms over the damp skin of his back and broad shoulders, desperately needing to comfort and not wanting to face why. Or maybe he did. Maybe he’d been waiting for this moment all his life.


6 thoughts on “New Cover for Trade Paperback Release of How to Save a Life

  1. Hi Sloan, I really like the cover you chose. I’ve said this to you before and I’ll say it again. I probably love More the most out of all you books but How To Save a Life is a close second. I fell in love with Walter and Kevin. I especially like how Walter loves Kevin.

    • Thanks so much, Michele. I’ve really missed Walter and Kevin, so it’s nice to get a chance to revisit their story. I just adored them together. Really glad to hear you did too!

    • Thank you, Constance. I’m very honored you enjoyed this story. I have to say I was excited to hold a print version of it in my hands.

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