My Latest Favorite Typo

One of my favorite typos from working on I SWEAR TO YOU:

Grady was still ringing the cum from his cock when Mateo swung his legs off the side of the bed, facing the opposite wall.

Brrrrring…brrrrring…time to come.

By the way, I SWEAR TO YOU has been added to Goodreads if anyone wants to add it to your shelves there.

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2 thoughts on “My Latest Favorite Typo

  1. Actually when I read that, I thought it was an interesting imagery….as in, he had wrapped his index finger and thumb around his cock (like a ring) and was stroking the last of the cum out ….

    • Oh I love that! It’s interesting how intention and interpretation can vary like that. I wasn’t even thinking along those lines. Thanks, CM.

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