Videos I Love: Celebrating Diversity and LOVE

I get excited whenever I see inclusive commercials, no matter what the product is that’s being featured. We just need more. More of this ad, the related documentaries released by Honey Maid, and their response to the negative feedback. Go Honey Maid!

The Commercial

Team of Two

Dad & Papa

Time Away

Then there’s the response to the negative feedback. Love, love, love this!
Honey Maid: Love

4 thoughts on “Videos I Love: Celebrating Diversity and LOVE

  1. Thanks for pulling these all together. Absolutely fantastic! Kudos to Honey Maid, not only for making the commercial in the first place, but also for backing it up and responding with such grace to the hateful people who wrote in with complaints. Amazingly well handled! Honey Maid going right on the shopping list and will stay there! Thanks for always sharing the positives! : )

    • You’re very welcome, Jen. I’m so glad you enjoy what I share. I’m not a fan of snarky negativity, but this kind of thing–with their tactful and beautiful response–I LOVE that.

  2. I have seen all the commercials I swear 10 times. and I still tear up!!!
    thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kathie. You’re very welcome. I’ve watched them several times too. I love them all and was very happy to see all the positive responses to the campaign. I wish more companies would look at putting out positive messages like this.

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