Fave Photo: Get Out of My Bed!

We have six cat beds around our house, but our two cats both LOVE this one. I guess he thought if he stared at her long enough she’d move. She didn’t.


He’s the older cat so you’d think he’d try to kick her out, but he’s pretty passive and he’s a total sweetheart. I’ve had this cat bed for years and could never find another one just like it. Guess I should try looking again.

2 thoughts on “Fave Photo: Get Out of My Bed!

  1. Cats can be so funny. I have 2 geriatric cats and then about a year ago rescued (and nursed) 3 baby kittens. They survived and thrived so I now have 5 cats!! I guess I’m a bona fide cat lady. :-0 They can be very entertaining.

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