Links, more links, and I can’t believe I forgot this video

There’s a new free fiction event at the M/M Goodreads Group

Love Is Always Write

From the group page: “What’s more wonderful than love? How about a summer filled with short custom written love stories by our talented writers? What about stories written just for you but shared with all? How about a lot of them? Our member writers are being encouraged to indulge us with their creativity.”

You have to be a member of the group to see the event pages, so if you haven’t joined, now would be a great time to do so. That way you’ll be all signed up when the authors start sharing these free stories.

Another favorite performance on Glee

Last week I posted some of my favorite performances. I was talking with someone on Goodreads and realized I forgot one. Can’t believe I forgot this moment.

“Just The Way You Are”

A New Interview

Huge thanks to Doug Starr for the recent interview on his blog and for the amazing compliments about my work. I’d much rather talk about my characters than myself, but I have to say, Doug’s questions were a lot fun to answer, even the personal ones. :) Thanks, Doug!

In the news

Event Info

UK Meet for fans and writers of GLBTQ Fiction

New Site: Embrace the Rainbow

“A challenge to us all, particularly to those within the m/m romance and broader book blogging communities”

Hope you enjoy the links and hope your week is a good one.


Favorite Glee Performances (now that I’ve finally watched more than 2 episodes)

Yes, I’m a slow writer AND a slow TV viewer. My sweetie and I finally took the time to watch more than a few episodes of Glee. In fact, I think we’re all caught up. My favorite performances so far?

Ricky Martin: “Sexy And I Know It” (The part with him in the chair alone is well worth watching. Damn, that man is fine! How does one make wiggling look good? And Finn trying to dance is worth a laugh.)

“Gold Digger” (Will trying to teach Finn to dance is priceless)

“Don’t Stop Believin'” (the original) (probably my fave of the show)

What is your favorite?

Video I Love: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I’ve always loved this song.