Video I love: The first kiss (Noah and Luke)

Once a week, I post a video I’ve seen recently that I’m loving. So here’s this week’s Video I love …

I was looking through my YouTube favorites today and I realized I’m still loving this kiss from As the World Turns.

Awhile back when I heard a soap opera was developing a gay love story for a major character, I wanted to show some support. I caught up with the characters online at YouTube which was the first time I had ever watched ATWT. Then I started recording the show. I see this as a major step for US daytime broadcast television and I’ll continue supporting the efforts of ATWT as long as they keep the couple going as a loving relationship between two men. Kudos to CBS, the producers, writer, and actors (Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann).

So here’s the first kiss between Luke and Noah (or as I so often mess up their names … Loah and Nuke).

So tell me what you think. Do you watch the show? Applaud CBS?
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Sloan Parker