Quote I Love: First Time

I love reading about first times. Stories of first love, new love, or old friends taking a chance on more. The last four lines of this quote remind me of Kyle from Take Me Home, my current work-in-progress. He’s at the point in his life where he has to make a decision: accept what he’s feeling and move forward, or lose the person who means everything to him. I’m enjoying taking these men on a journey of firsts as they explore a new, but long-desired aspect of their relationship.

“We’re both looking for something
That we’ve been afraid to find
It’s easier to be broken
It’s easier to hide
Looking at you, holding my breath,
For once in my life, I’m scared to death
I’m taking a chance, letting you inside.”

Lyrics from First Time by Lifehouse

New Title & Draft Blurb for Take Me Home

A while back I mentioned that I had decided to rename my current work-in-progress, a friends-to-lovers story. Another m/m release had come out with the same title I was going to use, and I’d prefer to keep mine as unique as I can, at least within the same genre.

So I went back to the drawing board. Thanks to some brainstorming assistance from Connie and Patrice in my local writers’ group and Loose Id author Johnny Miles (who shared some lyrics that led me to my choice), I have settled on a new title: Take Me Home

Here’s a DRAFT blurb for Take Me Home
I’m still working on this story, so the description may change a bit.

Aspiring television writer Evan Walker has been in love with his best friend since they met in high school, but Kyle doesn’t do boyfriends. Never has. Never will. Evan knows it’s a bad idea to give in to desire when he wants more than a friend with benefits. He has a new dream job. Now all he needs is the dream partner to go with it.

Kyle Bennett is a mystery novelist with a severe case of writer’s block. He needs a change. He has two days on their cross-country train trip home for the holidays to figure out how to tell Evan he’s staying there for good. He also has to write the overdue pages for his editor. Only, he’s a little too distracted by the close quarters in their sleeper compartment — and Evan’s ass — to get much done.

The sparks that fly between them are hotter than ever. Good thing they have a real-life mystery to focus on: why people all around them want to get their hands on a journal that once belonged to Kyle’s grandfather.

When a blizzard traps them in the mountains, Kyle and Evan steam up the train’s windows and must finally face their true desires.

I’m expanding and revising the last third right now and it’s going really well. When that phase is wrapped up, I’ll be going back over the entire manuscript several times to do more detailed edits. I may end up having to change the title again, but for now I’m really liking Take Me Home. It fits Evan and Kyle, and their story.

And just for fun I took a picture of the manuscript (from the back so you can’t get a glimpse of all my red pen scribbles). If you look closely you can see my cat’s whiskers on the right. He’s been keeping an eye on me, making sure I stay on task.

(c) Sloan Parker 2011


I’ll keep you updated on the progress. The story takes place during the Christmas season, so I’m hoping it’ll be a 2011 holiday release. Fingers crossed.

If you don’t hear from me, I’m in the cave

Just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be taking a week or two off from blogging. I’m a little behind on some non-writing work, plus I really want to make significant progress on my current manuscript (my friends-to-lovers story) in the next few weeks. I’m about halfway through my first pass of revisions (filling in the plot holes and writing some missing pieces). I’ve also done another pass on chapters 1 through 10. It’s really starting to come together. I don’t want to lose this momentum, so I’m going to stay as focused as I can while catching up on a few other things. Which, unfortunately, means less time on-line.

I’m excited about this story. In fact, I’m feeling more confident about the overall plot than anything else I’ve written yet.

I’ve also made the decision to rename it (nothing selected yet, though). A recent m/m release has the title I had been considering, and I’d prefer to keep my title as unique as I can, at least within the same genre.

I’ll post a draft blurb and excerpt after I pick up blogging again. Should be in a week or two. Until then, I’ll be in the writing cave, falling in love with these guys all over again.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend!