Video I Love: Art of Gay Male Love

Sorry there was no post on Friday. I’ve spent the past week working on an outline for More #3 (Matthew’s story) and time got away from me.

For today’s video here is a wonderful collection of Steve Walker’s paintings. His work is gorgeous, and each one could serve as the inspiration for an entire story. Check out his site at

Paintings by: Steve Walker
Video by: Pink Pasty

From YouTube: “All copyright of paintings exclusive to Steve Walker, visit his website:


5 thoughts on “Video I Love: Art of Gay Male Love

  1. Hi Missy! Glad it inspired you too. To me Steve Walker’s work is like a view right into someone’s life and leaves you with a sense of wonder and all sorts of questions. Congrats again on your upcoming release at LI. My Summer of Wes sounds like such a great story.


  2. Once again, Sloan, you have blown me away. I have a huge lump in my throat. I can FEEL the emotion in those pictures and I had to remind myself that they are paintings not photographs. Man Love is more than sex and we straight people would do well to understand that.

  3. These were amazing! What a talented artist Steve Walker is……I watched twice, then went and looked at his website for a good long time. Hard to pick a fave…..I really loved the one with the guys in the grass, one lying down one sitting….such a private moment, it gave me chills. I also had to remind myself they were paintings. Simply wonderful. Thanks Sloan, you share the BEST stuff.

  4. Arlene: Glad you liked this one. We owe our thanks to Steve Walker and his amazing talent. Love is beautiful.

    Elaine: Isn’t his work great? I’d love to have one hanging in my house. Just not sure which one. Glad you are enjoying my posts!!

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