Video I Love: The TV Theme Medley

This one is pretty dang cool. It’s one guy performing a medley of theme songs and openings from various TV shows.

Dang…I miss Firefly. That show rocked.

Hope you liked this week’s vid. Have a good one!

3 thoughts on “Video I Love: The TV Theme Medley

  1. The guys obviously put a lot of thought and hard work into these arrangements. I’m impressed. They sing and play well and are cute which doesn’t hurt. LOL Thanks Sloan. I enjoyed it.

  2. Way cool! And it’s really just one guy? I thought at first it must be twins. Very talented guy!

  3. @Arlene: Glad you liked it. I agree. It must have been planned out in detail. It’s just one guy, though. At least that’s what it says. You can see the split screen in parts of the video if you’re looking for it.

    @Leigh: Yeah, just one guy. That’s what it says on YouTube anyway. I thought he did a great job too. Thanks for stopping by.

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